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  1. Schrodinger is driving down the road when a cop pulls him over and inspects he car. ''Are you aware that you have a dead cat in your trunk?'' says the cop. '' I am now!'' says Schrodinger
  2. 2 guys walk into a bar.... You would think one would have ducked
  3. water is adhesive and cohesive. works sorta like glue. ish. i think
  4. If th if thats what they say about minecraft, i wanna see what they say about the binding of isaac.
  5. just wondering, does the dust mod work with technic?
  6. *finished making a wooden mansion* You know what this needs? A fireplace.
  7. well, that is what i have been doing. just other people just seem to want that
  8. yep, greifing is definitly making sex slaves out of random people
  9. well i just want a custom part. basically having another vanilla so you can put your own mods in it
  10. normally i dont think grammar is much of a big deal, like when i just said dont and not don't, but when people have so bad grammar you cant understand them, its just annoying
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