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  1. Whoever did the art for all of this, kudos. You did an amazing job. Those're some sexy pictures.
  2. It doesn't appear there is. Sorry. :/ Even with the old launcher you can't download it, as they've probably removed the downloads so people won't report bugs with them. You'd need a copy of the pack from someone who has it.
  3. It's super easy to figure out the new URL. technicpack.net/forums became forums.technicpack.net, so the new link is http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/achievement-reset.18864/page-2#post-165198
  4. Technic SSP became Tekkit Lite after the SMP-SSP merge of 1.3 Due to mod updates, removals, and additions, it will not have the same mods the old Technic SSP pack had. Not much to do about that other than trying to recreate it yourself. Even then, RedPower isn't being updated, so you'll be missing that...
  5. You log in with the same information as the regular Minecraft launcher, so, for example: If your username is USERNAME and your password is PASSWORD in the regular launcher, your username is USERNAME and your password is PASSWORD on the Technic launcher.
  6. Thanks for actually testing that out and confirming it. I wasn't 100% sure as I haven't actually played with Applied Energistics.
  7. As far as I can figure, the only reason it would put, say, pulverized obsidian into both slots is if the first is full of it. It shouldn't randomly choose an input slot to fill, but I could very well be wrong.
  8. Unless I'm wrong, Technic SSP became Tekkit Lite.
  9. Not a problem. Very nice video, by the way. Your voice is easy to listen to.
  10. Signing your name is actually against the rules here. I wouldn't suggest it.
  11. Why would you post a solution in a threat that both already has a solution, and is nearly two months old?
  12. There is no way that this is a legitimate post. If, however, I'm wrong and it IS a legitimate post, feel free to actually provide information, and, you know, post in the correct section.
  13. Ordeth

    Better Farming mod

    Wouldn't you just be able to extend the sheep class and override its drops?
  14. It was indeed glaringly obvious. I'd tried shiftedIndex before, but I'd apparently done it wrong. Thanks for the help. Now, to override mob drops, should I be extending Entity<MobName>?