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  1. Rainshel22 accepted and promoted. Member applicaiton for jewblit and Voltairekid also both accepted
  2. Both applications accepted. I welcome you to the server with open arms! WELCOME!
  3. Hey, guys if your items aren't refunded yet - please post here - http://xeongaming.co.uk/threads/server-up-post-your-lost-items-here.560/#post-3397 A staff will answer there more then they will here
  4. Its back up now. I broke something in the process of trying to fix something but we have changed a few of the settings and are going to keep an eye on the stability. HOPEFULLY it will fix alot of the issue
  5. At the moment we are experiencing problems with the server. However we have taken the server offline for a few hours this morning to see if we can find these issues and fix them ASAP We are working on it!
  6. N1nja, steak and zombie all promoted. Apologises for the delay. Welcome to our server! :)
  7. The member above was banned for threatening to send the owner's ip to a hack site and resulting to claiming that he had access to the server admin's credit card that is used to fund the server. Our policies are strict to ensure that member's are well look after and to ensure we can offer the best experience along with a friendly community. I am more then welcome to provide proof of these actions.
  8. Applications accepted. Energy storage modules are banned because they are causing a severe error on our server
  9. Guys, i have edited the front page about what is going wrong with the server. Please read there.
  10. We are currently looking into what went wrong with the server last night. We are currently working on the fix and should be back up in a few mins. English time zone for me - So i wasn't here when it went down. Unexpected for us.
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