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  1. What i find really funny about this, is that you have basicaly just showed that you are not a respectable person and you truly dont understand the main rule about running a community. Respect. Why would I even need to make a tag next to my name? What i do literally has nothing to do with you, and everyone has their own opinion, What amases me is that you are just so unrespectable and its obv with your bad mouthing that you would grief any server. However i dont believe in influencing others servers. Its obv that truly you are actaully bothered about your ban, so why even grief in the first pla
  2. I am not the only admin on this server. I run the community and stavlor runs the server. Therefore you will still have to use a ban appeal on our fourmns. Its what we do, if you do that, and we believe you then you shall be unbanned. However if you dont then im afraid there is nothing i can do. I ask everyone else the same thing and im afraid i cant make an exception for only one member, sorry.
  3. Mike, we have a website that is on the front page, We post ban reports there, if you wish to appeal your ban. please go there. For when hawk posts on this fourmn page. I would like to note that he was one of the main griefes on the server tonight. So if he even decides to try and post saying this server is bad, apprently he has owned lots of servers. My quesiton.. what happened to thoose servers then? We have having a go at us because we wasnt doing enough to stop grief, when we are cracking down on it as we speak, and he was actaully one of the main people who actaully griefed. The reaso
  4. All applications have been accepted up to this point. You need to do a ban appeal on our fourmns. The reasoning that you have should be fine to be unbanned as soon as a disucssion and the evidence has been looked at. http://forums.stavlor.net/index.php These are our offical fourmns.
  5. All applcations up to this point have been accepted. The front post has also been updated with new information! im back from my holiday yay! :P
  6. All applications have been accepted, and i welcome you all to the server! I apologise for any delay in the applications from now on, I will be on holiday for a week and if there is any downtime for the server, i dont have access to it. So i apologise in advance, Heres hoping no problems will get caused :)
  7. All applications are accepted A little important news. The server has been down a few times withen the past few days. We are working constantly to get rid of this issue, and only a small downtime should now be happeneing. We have sorted out what is casuing corruption and sorting the downtime of the server. Therefore the server should now be more reliable and available for anyone to trust that there stuff will be safe. In regards to baily burms I will investigae the report. Thankyou for telling us, if you could please talk to me ingame and i will have a look for you!
  8. Main post has been edited with new pictures after a map restart that we had to make. This was in order to stop the lag we were having on the server from chunk loaders. This issue has now been dealt with and the server is running stronger and having less issues then before!
  9. Server is now back up and running. The main post has been changed in order to account for the new ip and the new upgrade that we have!
  10. The reason we have EE enabled is because we dont feel that tekkit is tekkit without it. Alot of players on this server because of EE being enabled, resulting in the exact oppisite of what you are wanting. Your opinion is totally valid and yes there maybe better servers out there. But you do have to remeber, we are about 6 days old. we have almost a full server every evening and hardly any complaints. Therefore your opinion is exactly what it says on the tin. Other players might want this sort of server, others might not (like you) so please dont insult the server if its not the server fo
  11. Even if you steal out of a partially destoryed house, its classified as stealing. What if that was a griefed house? and we fix the house and then you stole stuff from the player. Like i have stated to a few people on this thread. If you want to complain, why not actaully go about it the correct way and state your issue, maybe apologise. Stealing is agasint our rules, and we ban people who steal from peoples chests. What i dont understand, is how is that a bad thing? It proves that we crack down on griefers and people who are just trying to break out rules and cheat their way through the
  12. For your information, they ARENT admins, If they were admins it would state they were admins. You obv ethier cant read, or are just wanting to find an excuse to complain about the server because you griefed. We have full evidence of you breaking more then just a few pipes, and if they set you on fire, normally its because your a griefer and you deserve it. So before you actaully accuse people of immaturaty and pretend that the server is bad because your a griefer. Please look back and reflect that actaully your the one griefing meaning that technically the only immature one is nowhere to
  13. all member above accepted and promoted, thankyou for applying and welcome to the server! this includes all three in your application shade. If you join our teamspeak, im sure someone will try and help you asap! :)
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