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  1. Apologies for the delay in your application. Both of you are now accepted. Thankyou and welcome! :)
  2. Badrick accepted. Sorry for the delay everyone went to bed i assume xD. Welcome to xeon! :)
  3. Ok, the server should be back up and running smoothly. If anyone finds any issues or if there is any problems with blocks you have placed or items missing from your inventories, please post on the forums under the correct section and a staff member will take a look for you! Sorry for the long delay of it being down. Should be nice and sorted now!
  4. Apologies for the delay, im afaid the whole server instance is currently down. We are trying out best to fix this issue however we havn't actually found on what is wrong. One of our admins is currently away and therefore we are short handed anyway. Im afraid i have no estimated time of when the server will be up. we will try and keep people informed of when the server is up, if you would like to vist our website or even come on teamspeak you are more then welcome. Again apologies, we are trying our best
  5. Apologies for the delay, The server is now running efficiently and we are managing any problems that may cause. Thank you for waiting for us!
  6. Apologies guys, we are having quite a big server issue at the moment. Our best people are currently on to the situation and we hope to get it up as soon as we can. If you wish to find out more information about us or come play other games with us in the time being. Come check out xeongaming.co.uk or even come join our teamspeak (which you can find on the website) Again, apologies
  7. Accepted, apologise for the delay, im back at work from today so been resting. Welcome to our server. EDIT: Will be making a few adjustments tomorrow to improve the server. (hopefully xD)
  8. Teamspeak should be stable again now with a few minor issues. More planned features are soon to be coming along with an event that we are planning!
  9. Accepted for member, And thats fine, you have read about making an application for a mystcraft world yes?
  10. apologies for the delay. With working late nights and being based in England my availability times are different. You have now been promoted to member, And i hope to see you online soon! :)
  11. Diamondeye83 and devi, you have both been promoted to member now. The server is up and stable once again and we are now running 1.1.5 as stav has stated above. Welcome to our server, and we hope to see you in game!
  12. Thankyou for your replies guys! We have considered this, however at the moment it just goes and breaks most things. We are currently experiencing some odd issues which may lead to us using the 1.1.5 build instead. We may upload a "mining world" which reset every week or so to keep up with any new ores changes that could happen. Nice to meet you, I have been running this community with struggles, but at the end of the day, i love to see my members given the time and space, making new friends. Opening it to people who have difficulties in outside life to come and join
  13. We regret to inform you that our server and community have both been closed down. Our website www.xeongaming.co.uk is still up and at the moment we are still running teamspeak (which can be found on the website) We would like to thank everyone for playing on our server and we appreciate the support that you have given.
  14. I was quite shocked when i saw the ban report. It isnt like you at all. If you post the ban appeal, we can get this sorted out ASAP Also, all accepted! welcome! :)
  15. All applications accepted. Sorry for the delay. I have promoted the IGN: Jessejtj, if this isnt your IGN please let us know! :)
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