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  1. bye mario to all the people wondering why he posted that, he couldnt understand the reason for banning someone for breaking a rule. I dont want people giving our server a bad name because of silly situations like this To the people above these posts, your applications have been accepted and promoted, welcome! ;)
  2. Snowfails, you were banned for duping items. We have full evidence of this and our rules clearly state that this isnt aloud. Therefore your house was nuked, because, well its fun to watch the house get nuked. Hopefully people will see by this, if you break any of our rules, we take it very seriously, we dont accept griefers or people who are going to duplicate items. Also, pvp is disabled and you killed people using items, pvp isnt really stated as part of a rule, but if pvp is off, isnt it obv that we dont want you killing people? The items that have been used to dupe stuff have bee
  3. All applications accepted and promoted you all to member. Welcome to the xeon gaming community minecraft server :)
  4. All applications accepted and i welcome you all to the server Hope to see you ingame and please enjoy :)
  5. Ive reuploaded the images anyway as a smaller resolution Thankyou for informing me about the pictures.
  6. Applications accepted, welcome to the xeon gaming community. I have uploaded three images of the server. Because its a newly set up server there arent that many things at the moment to printscreen. I will upload more pictures in the future, hope this is ok for now. If not let me know! :)
  7. Have accepted and promoted you both In regards to your friends, let us know ingame and i shall promote, no need for them all to apply :)
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