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  1. You were banned for the grief of around 200 obsidian blocks. If you make a ban appeal on our offical forumns explaining your side of the story. Then we will look into your ban, and unban if we think you deserve it.
  2. I have already posted on your post that you did last time. Please read that. Puzzler cant unban people, only me and stavlor can.
  3. Applications accepted!! Welcome to the server. I have accepted the name Steady_Scopez, if this isnt your IGM please let someone know :)
  4. Stalkerleaf and TheVoidStalker are both now members. If there is another name (you mentioned your daugther) Just let me know in game! Thankyou for your application, accepted!
  5. http://www.xeon-gaming.co.uk/ Please use this link and upload a ban appeal. If you explain what you have done here, then I will unban you for definate as long as you are more careful with your account . I apologise for the inconvience, this is just our routine of how we deal with people who have been banned unfairly. :)
  6. All applications accepted and promoted. thankyou for applying for member. We hope you enjoy the server! :)
  7. He means that the member applications have been accepted for our minecraft tekkit server. So the people who are accepted now have member :)
  8. Currently the server is having a few issue with the host. Im afraid their is no ETA on when we can get this sorted out. Im about to head to bed because its late, and im not sure when stavlor can get some time to look at it. Remeber he does have a job also. So, i recommend playing other games for now, and trying again tommorrow or later on this evening/morning. We dont know the direct details so i cant provide them sorry for the inconvience.
  9. sorry for the inconvience, but we ask that all ban appeals be posted on our OFFICAL fourmns. the link is http://forums.stavlor.net/index.php once again, sorry, but this is required.
  10. Server is up and has been for a few hours. Im still looking into these crashes, and we will be doing something about it very soon. Jekkas, is that your IGN or not?
  11. The person who was saying these things were a guest himself. Therefore his actions do NOT speak for the server. The guy has been banned himself and therefore nothing needs to happen with our server. Actions have been taken and therefore the server is NOT held responibile for this.
  12. I am one of the main server admins on the server. Seen as i oringally made this thread. Swearing even in its simplest form is agasint our rules (We dont use /rules often and i will get these changed in order to stop confusion) However, your point still stands that you may have merly been asking why. I shall therefore look into this situation and investigate into what actaully happened. Thankyou for taking the time to contact the server and i hope you enjoy whatever minecraft experience you are currently in . EDIT: I have searched through the logs and found the conversation, after l
  13. Please unupload your ban appeal here: http://forums.stavlor.net/index.php Its important that we do them on the fourmns. Sorry for the inconvience.
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