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  1. Replying to these is terribly pointless, but for setting the record straight, I could just provide this quote. See how the story changes? It's a fun thing these two players have been doing a while. The final, unchangeable fact being of their x-ray use, so the story will go every which way as they spin that.
  2. Hi, there's this small difference between "whining to the mods and getting banned" and "whining to the mods, the mods investigating, finding evidence of hacking and banning". I shouldn't have to explain this difference to someone your age. Not to mention you returning with alts post-ban. Nice one. That's funny though. Servers don't even have to follow their own rules. Instead I'd want to report you to other servers you join. Tell them about your x-ray use.
  3. Has the Aether mod even seen an update since Minecraft left beta? That might be a slight hamper on adding it.
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