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  1. In Game Username: ayeazell Age: 20 Country: U.S. Why would you join our community?: To build cool stuff. If you want to join, explain how you will help us, if help is needed?: Advice on proper item usage, and cool build ideas. Sharing of computer craft programs. Will work gladly with others, I have skype to assist me with this. Do you agree on all of the rules?: Yes To prove that you read all of the rules, how many rules are there?: There are 5 rules. Will you be kind to our community?: Of course, I would never stab anyone in the back. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?: As stated earlier I have skype, and I would gladly join in on chat.
  2. In Game Name (IGN): ayeazell Age: 20 Your timezone: U.S. eastern, but I do tend to stay up late How long you have played Tekkit: 6 months Provide your whitelist link (and reason for bans if applicable): http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/34b6b853008cab948d326841ef4282cbca408fd3 Why would you like to play on this server (make an effort guys, a couple of sentences at least!): To build cool stuff, specifically a sky fortress with patrolling computers that attack!
  3. Name : ayeazell Age : 20 Reason you want to join : To build cool stuff Have you ever been banned before : no
  4. User id: ayeazell Age: 20 Tekkit Experience (0-10): 9 I've built computer operated quarries, fully functional oil rig with an auto shut off valve (for when there is no water in the pipe feed to the combustion engines), and huge buildings made with the filler. Minecraft Experience (0-10): 9 Do you intend to be a decent human being (yes/no): yes What would you like to do on our server? Build a force field base under water
  5. IGN: ayeazell Reason Behind wanting to join? to build cool stuff Will you follow rules as stated above? Yes
  6. Name : ayeazell Age : 20 Reason you want to join : To build cool contraptions Have you ever been banned before : no
  7. IGN: ayeazell Age: 20 Timezone: Eastern, but I tend to stay up late How long have you been playing tekkit: 5 months How often will you be on the server: every other day Would you like to join the teamspeak(Encouraged): Absolutely, got a mike and everything.
  8. What is your minecraft Username? ayeazell What do you plan to do once you join? build a frame quarry, or turtle quarry How much experience have you had with tekkit? 5 months Have you read our rules? yes
  9. Minecraft name: ayeazell Age: 20 Experience: 6 months with tekkit Why you want to join: To build cool stuff
  10. IGN: ayeazell Age:20 Location (country): U.S. Have you read and agree to the rules: Yes Have you played Tekkit before?: yes, just need experience in computer craft Have you signed up on our forums/website (not required to!)?:no
  11. In-Game Name:ayeazell Age:19 Experience with Tekkit: a couple of months Did you read the rules?:yes
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