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  1. Ingame username: Piggeo2 Age: 12 almost 13 birthday August 10 Are you experienced in tekkit? very have benn playing for at least a year Do you wish to play on cubenation? yes We are also looking for staff, are you willing to help?(optional) i will help people but probably not go for staff
  2. Username:piggeo2 Age:16 Why Tekkitopia? i would like to join Tekkitopia because it looks like a fun server and i have liked tekkit lite and i am glad it is not one of the anarchy servers Your secret code:7pig
  3. Name:jonny (not giving last name) Minecraft Username:piggeo2 Age:12 Preffered Tekkit Mod: mainly ic2 also some bc Are you banned in any server(Y/N): n well not that i know of
  4. AGE:-12 IGN:-piggeo2 Minecraft/Tekkit experience:- i am very good with tekkit but not great with rp and cc Extra information is always appreciated:-i am very nice and will help out the server nd the people on it i also play tekkit alot and i will be on on for atleast an hour a day
  5. IGN:piggro2 Age:16 Timezone:easteren How long have you been playing tekkit: copple mouths How often will you be on the server: if good at least an hour a day Would you like to join the teamspeak(optional): no Your http://whitelist.mcf.li link: http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/31010f5576c4a50ab54ad835d7f2840c6c92c194 Why you received the bans (If Applicabl0) no
  6. In-Game Name: piggeo2 Age: 21 Experience with Tekkit: i am quite expriced i know alot about the mods i am good with every tekkit mod expet computercraft and redpower Did you read the rules?: yes Your personal http://whitelist.mcf.li/ link: http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/4f810acb6bd3c2e7abf8c418a2bd0078d528e5ec Why were you banned?: i was not banned
  7. IGN: piggeo2 Reason for wanting to become a member: i would like to be a member becase i will help the server Why should we accept you: i will not greif and will fallow the rules
  8. IGN:piggeo2 Have you ever been banned: no What do you plan to do on the server: i plan to NOT grief and fallow rules. i will help out the server and respect the admins/mods What is your experience level with Tekkit i am good with most of the mods ecpet redpower frames 4 mouths is how long
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