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  1. Hello, I have been trying to create my first modpack using the technic launcher and have run into an issue I can not seem to fix. My server boots up and gets to the point where you can type commands in it without crashing, and the modpack launches with no issues. However when I try to connect to the server I get the error clientside. Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. HostilityAccords EVERY ITEM IS ALLOWED! OPEN TO EVERYONE! WAR, PVP, GRIEF! IP: Description: The year is 2013. Chaos has aroseamongthe people of Minecraft. All there is left to do is fight. "The Hostility Accords", created by Flip5ty1e23 and checked01, is a big dig war server where players can battle and fighteach otherwithout the restrictions of a Bukkit server. The key to survival is to form clans or "countries" and become the most powerful! The staff are kind, trustworthy and will be willing to help you if needed. With 99.5% uptime this server will be your break into a land of war and uprising. Your Journey starts here.. Rules: Dont hack, Be nice, Have fun Vanilla UPTIME 24/7
  3. [iP] Join our 24/7 dedicated Voltz server! We have good staff and NOTHING is banned! You can choose to stick with your friends, or launch nuclear missiles at them! Rules: You can Grief, Steal, PvP all you want! The only real rules we have are: No Hacks! No Swearing! We hope to see you on our server! [iP]
  4. I love this server, but I can not get on at the moment. I really hope that this server had not gone down I have done a TON of work!
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