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  1. Yes I am talking about the file called "technic-launcher.jar". Thats why I said:
  2. As far as I know of old saves will not work with newer versions.
  3. Try deleting or renaming ur .techniclauncher folder that is found in ur appdata. Then redownload the respective file that you want off of technicpack.net. That should fix the problem.
  4. Then try the following: 1. Open the start menu. 2. Search for a program called "Run", and open it. 3. In the "Run" program type "%appdata% then click OK. 4. Look for a folder called ".techniclauncher" and open the folder. 5. You should then see a file named "technic-launcher.jar", run it. 6. This should open the launcher. Then pick which pack you would like to use. (Technic, Tekkit, etc.) 7. Type in your login info and then click the Login Button. 8. The launcher should then download the needed files and launch the game. Please tell me if you have any problems.
  5. like did u download the JAR, ZIP, or OSX version of the launcher on technicpack.net? or are u using the jar file found in ur .techniclauncher folder inside ur appdata?
  6. hmm try going to ur appdata folder (typing "%appdata% in the run program), and then either delete, rename, or move the .techniclauncher folder. Then redownload the launcher file from technicpack.net. After you have done all that try to redownload whatever part of the technicpack you are trying to play. (Technic, Tekkit, etc.)
  7. What file are you using to launch the launcher?
  8. If you really think that microblocks are a terrible idea, u shouldnt be allowed to use redpower at all. Plus what if other people on ur server want to use them since they think microblocks look good?
  9. Hello there. I would like to create a texture pack for tekkit 3.0.3, but I do not know where to find all the textures that are required for a complete pack. Could someone tell me where and or how to find the default textures so that I may make my own?
  10. thanks for posting this. Im not an impatient person or anything like that I just wanted to see how all the updates were doing, and what they were currently updated to.
  11. Re: Bugs found in Tekkit 2.0 When you try to spawn a lamp it tells you that item doesnt excist. NEI says it should be block id 215 so i change it in the server files. Now it lets me spawn them but only white lamps. If I try spawning any other lamps it spawns me a white lamp. When you try to place the lamp it appears as a buildcraft iron pipe and kindof flickers every few seconds. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
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