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  1. IGN) Coldhardt Age) 19 Location) USA How long have you been playing Minecraft) 3 years What keeps you playing Minecraft?) Mods, specifically mods that keep me exploring and discovering
  2. Minecraft In-Game name? Coldhardt Age? 19 What country do you live in? USA Do you have/use Skype? Have it, only use it with friends though Do you have/use Teamspeak? No Will you be streaming or Uploading to Youtube? No If so, Channel/Stream Name? N/A Do you enjoy building or just playing? Both I guess, I enjoy having a nice place but unfortunately my aspirations often exceed my resources. Acceptance of server rules? Of course
  3. I'd love to help out if you guys ever need it. I don't have any experience when it comes to setting up a server, but I could help you with building or something. Or I could bring snacks
  4. I've been playing on a Hexxit+thaumcraft server, but I'm basically playing single player on a server because no one is ever on. Not sure if any of you are interested in foregoing science in the pursuit of magic/adventuring, but the combination of hexxit and thaumcraft is a lot of fun
  5. I'd love to join, been trying to find a decent white-listed hexxit server since the tekkit server I've been playing on died recently. IGN is Coldhardt, age is 18
  6. Even though I haven't been active for the past couple of months, still makes me sad to see this message. Also, it's crazy that it's been a year+3 days since the server went public and a year+1 day since I was whitelisted. PAGE 3 REPRESENT
  7. Man, I haven't posted on here in almost 60 pages. Crazy The server may have crashed
  8. It's something that ks would have to do, under game rules or something. Like "usewool:false" sort of thing
  9. Quantum has been back since October?! How did I not notice this? D: Minecraft Username: Coldhardt Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: Nope, never What do you plan to do on the server: I intend to do Tekkit related things, like railcraftin', industrial craftin', buildcraftin', and red powerin'. Do you have any previous experience with tekkit? If so, what?: Yes, I was a proud member of the Quantum gaming server. I've been playing tekkit for nearly a year now, minecraft itself for almost 1.5 years. Happy to see that you're back Apollo, even if I am a few months late to the party :]
  10. Have they decided it already? Darn. Sorry about that, I hadn't seen any closure on the matter (granted I don't check the forums that often) and noticed somebody mention it earlier, so I thought I'd give my opinion. I didn't realize it had already been decided. Disregard my previous post
  11. Are they still taking railcraft out of Tekkit Lite? If they are I vote to stay with classic, but if they aren't then I vote for Lite. Edit: Front page still says it's being taken out in the next update, so my current vote is against Tekkit Lite