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  1. IGN) Coldhardt Age) 19 Location) USA How long have you been playing Minecraft) 3 years What keeps you playing Minecraft?) Mods, specifically mods that keep me exploring and discovering
  2. Minecraft In-Game name? Coldhardt Age? 19 What country do you live in? USA Do you have/use Skype? Have it, only use it with friends though Do you have/use Teamspeak? No Will you be streaming or Uploading to Youtube? No If so, Channel/Stream Name? N/A Do you enjoy building or just playing? Both I guess, I enjoy having a nice place but unfortunately my aspirations often exceed my resources. Acceptance of server rules? Of course
  3. Don't know if anyone's noticed, but I'm sort of in the same boat. Tekkit just doesn't have enough mods that interest me, and the ones that do interest me are too end game for me to really be able to enjoy them. So, I don't know if plans are still in the works for a custom modpack, but until/if that is made I probably won't be seen on the tekkit server. So it's been fun all, I'll miss you guys, hopefully I'll be back, but if the server stays exclusively on tekkit then I'll see you all in another life.
  4. I'd love to help out if you guys ever need it. I don't have any experience when it comes to setting up a server, but I could help you with building or something. Or I could bring snacks
  5. I've been playing on a Hexxit+thaumcraft server, but I'm basically playing single player on a server because no one is ever on. Not sure if any of you are interested in foregoing science in the pursuit of magic/adventuring, but the combination of hexxit and thaumcraft is a lot of fun
  6. I'd love to join, been trying to find a decent white-listed hexxit server since the tekkit server I've been playing on died recently. IGN is Coldhardt, age is 18
  7. Even though I haven't been active for the past couple of months, still makes me sad to see this message. Also, it's crazy that it's been a year+3 days since the server went public and a year+1 day since I was whitelisted. PAGE 3 REPRESENT
  8. Man, I haven't posted on here in almost 60 pages. Crazy The server may have crashed
  9. It's something that ks would have to do, under game rules or something. Like "usewool:false" sort of thing
  10. Quantum has been back since October?! How did I not notice this? D: Minecraft Username: Coldhardt Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: Nope, never What do you plan to do on the server: I intend to do Tekkit related things, like railcraftin', industrial craftin', buildcraftin', and red powerin'. Do you have any previous experience with tekkit? If so, what?: Yes, I was a proud member of the Quantum gaming server. I've been playing tekkit for nearly a year now, minecraft itself for almost 1.5 years. Happy to see that you're back Apollo, even if I am a few months late to the party :]
  11. Have they decided it already? Darn. Sorry about that, I hadn't seen any closure on the matter (granted I don't check the forums that often) and noticed somebody mention it earlier, so I thought I'd give my opinion. I didn't realize it had already been decided. Disregard my previous post
  12. Are they still taking railcraft out of Tekkit Lite? If they are I vote to stay with classic, but if they aren't then I vote for Lite. Edit: Front page still says it's being taken out in the next update, so my current vote is against Tekkit Lite
  13. May I suggest a Voltz server? I've been playing around with it on SSP and it's pretty interesting. On a different note, I keep getting kicked from the server with the "End of stream" message.
  14. This pretty much sums up the anti EE argument: Figured I'd ought to throw my opinion in too. EE is an important part of the game because it allows players to delve into every intricate part of Tekkit. You want to waste 5 months trying to get the materials necessary for 1 HV solar array? Good for you, you must have a lot of free time. I, on the other hand, want to be learning the complexities of nuclear power, redpower logic circuits, and the extensive farming aspect of IC2 without hollowing out the entire world with quarries (I hope I'm not the only one that sees the irony in DC mining being banned while quarry mining is A-OK). If you don't like EE, simply don't use it. Don't ruin other people's experience just because you feel that an aspect of the game is a bit "cheaty". One of the reasons that I joined this server is because it allows people to play Tekkit the way they want while still being having the multiplayer factor. As a final note, I do agree that people shouldn't be handing out stacks of redmatter to new players, i think people should be allowed to start however they wish and play however they wish (obviously within the rules).
  15. In game name: Coldhardt Age: 17 Location: USA, New England Minecraft experience to date: I've been playing Minecraft for over a year and Tekkit for six months. Why do you want to play on our server?: The Tekkit server that I'd been playing on for the past six months unexpectedly closed, so now I'm a scientist without a home... Anyways, that old server had a small player-base--something that I cherish in a tekkit server--and I've been looking for a server with the same size player base. Every server that I've tried feels as though it has been stripped of all its resources, so I've been trying to find one that feels fresh. The fact that this server is based on trust built upon the maturity of the players really sets it apart. I'd like to be a part of this unique vanilla Tekkit experience.
  16. IGN: Coldhardt Have you ever been banned: No What do you plan to do on the server: I plan on learning more about Tekkit through experience while utilizing a friendly and helpful community. I tend to build far away from other players so that I don't get stolen from or so I don't accidentally harvest other people's resources. What is your experience level with Tekkit? I know the basics of Tekkit, but nothing too in depth (like nuclear power). I hope to learn more about this as I play.