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  1. 4.5 cents a copy is pretty cheap. My company regularly charges our clients that for just monochrome office printing.
  2. It's just a file name. The contents of the .jar will remain the same. It's most likely your provider has server scripts that require the .jar file to be named custom.jar for them to work.
  3. Does this actually work? I noticed a couple of build errors in the pics posted.
  4. Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the Tekkit server package?
  5. Gristle

    The end...

    ...and a crapload of time. Better to use the BuildCraft Builder (or 2 or 3) with a flatten pattern.
  6. The Nether lags? I've not had any problems traversing the Nether, lag wise.
  7. Why do people post crap that's obviously not a Tekkit bug as a bug? At this point any major problems, like this would be, would have already been reported. If you don't see your problem already listed you can be pretty certain its something you've done or not done or don't understand that's causing the problem.
  8. Wood pipes are extraction pipes. Use them for taking stuff out of machines and such. Iron pipes are like one way valves, they only allow liquid or items to move in one direction. cobble, stone and are the general purpose pipes in BC.
  9. If you used RP redstone wire this configuration could be narrower by 1 block and using RP pneumatic tubes could make it 1 block lower.
  10. Also with one uranium cell your only going to get 10EU/t out. If the HV cable is very long it is going to eat most of that before it gets to whatever storage you have.
  11. More Reactor Complex pics. Reactor control circuit. Blue wire is from control room lever, White wire is from storage full cutoff, yellow wire goes to reactor. RP IC is an OR gate. Reactor Automatic Refuel Control Circuits v1.0. Brown wire is input from control room to initiate refuel sequence. Light blue wire activates reactor purge machinery to remove any depleted uranium cells. Circuit then activates automatic cell creation and then sends cells to reactors via pulses on pink wire. Reactor Refuel Machinery. Power Grid Status/Monitor panel
  12. Jacketed wires are not color coded. They are all treated the same. You need to use insulated wires to be able to separate the signals.
  13. The Tekkit server package is everything you need, including the server .jar files. The Tekkit team does not include any plugins with the install. This doesn't mean that it not a Bukkit server. You can install whatever plugins you like. As far as converting a world, it's probably possible but would be very tedious, OR you just plop it on the Tekkit server and be aware that new ores and other mod world items will only be populating in newly loaded chunks.
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