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  1. Make a fully automatic chicken farm. And show me how.
  2. That's why you would have the magic pack. Tech makes machines to do stuff for you. Magic make things go boom and then there's a big wall of dirt.
  3. Yup. No ones stopping you. Other than your Internet connection if it cant handle it.
  4. Slow and buggy. The very definition of buildcraft. But, in terms of your question, have you tried using different engines? Just try the exact same setup with steam or redstone.
  5. Well, I'm convinced RedPower is better. Now I'm just using rail craft, just so I can make carts fly when they hold my stuff. I mean, flying carts are way cooler than a straight line of blocks.
  6. Less lag? They're both visible in the pipes/tubes, and unless the pipes are overflowing, there shouldn't be a difference. And do you mean quicker with or without golden pipes?
  7. If you do BuildCraft properly, what advantages are there of using RedPower tubes?
  8. Make an automatic stone and glass factory. Make ALL stone bricks and other items using only stone. Also, make glass by macerating cobblestone. Then, make it overly complicated by making the stone out of UU matter, which gets scrap from a cobble gen.
  9. ... There's a sticky for small scale servers on the top of the board. If its a big server, that's why they have the server section.
  10. Sorry I haven't been on for a while, but that's just how it is. I'm going to be completely unable to go on the server until.... How's next March sound? Yeah, cricket has over run my life, with some school mixed in. If you would like to reverse my whitelisting, that's fine with me. Thanks Andrew for hosting this server, and all of warptech's founders for letting me in. But, ill see you all on these forums. Bye.
  11. So that's a second person in one thread that can't read stickies. A, you should post this in small server recruitment and B, read the rules and stickies.
  12. Operating system? If its windows just use "run" and type in %appdata%. Find a folder called ".techniclauncher" (I think that's what it's called) and open it. Find "Tekkit" and delete it. If you have something good, hard to find tp, good worlds etc. make a backup of them. After you delete tekkit, open the launcher and select tekkit. It will redownload all the mods. In appdata, you can place your backups to their correct folders. Hopefully you are on a windows system, because I'm hopeless with macs.
  13. 1.press o 2. Go options, then controls. You should know the vanilla minecraft controls, and you can just fiddle around with the other controls. 3. I don't know :S
  14. This is my first time using computers, and I'd like to know if there is a way to either: a) Make a mining turtle empty out its contents when full or Make a computer emit a redstone signal when the mining turtle is full. If either of these questions are possible, could you please give me the code, because I've never used CC before. Thanks.
  15. There are very few texture packs compatible with tekkit/technic/whatever as it's alot work for the maker. Search up sphax tekkit and you should find a patch to make the machines have better textures. This is compatible with any texture pack. Hope it helps.
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