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  1. check your mods folder and if it has mods in it if not delete it and redownload tekkit
  2. IGN:bdl3700 Age:15 Location (country):USA Have you read and agree to the rules:Yes Have you ever been banned from another server, if yes explain briefly?:Not once Have you signed up on our forums/website (not required to!)?:NOPE
  3. well mojang got their crap sorted but the server still seems to be unreachable anyone else having issues with this?
  4. Minecraft Username:Bdl3700 Age:15 Tekkit Experience:months and months Ever been banned? never Why This server? i like how it looks and the last one i used appears to be down possibly permanently Additional Notes: I have hosted servers in the past and know how to deal with people
  5. I still cant connect to the server is anyone else having this problem? is the server down? did the ip change again? Edit: okay so minecraft.net is down Edit: screw it if i cant connect by tonight i'm just going to find a new server cause 3 days is quite a bit of time not to be able to connect and this is the only one i'm having problems with. Edit: i finally got on idk what the prob was
  6. Lars i was wondering if their was a way short of donating or waiting to get the 4084 claim blocks i need to protect what will become my compound i am willing to do server project or whatever else is required short of waiting the 41 hours or so needed or donating as i dont have a credit card that functions at the moment. thanks for your time
  7. Lars i am having the same problem as jack above me i am wondering if the server is temporarily down or what i have tried copying the ip from your posts and double checking to make sure its the same EDIT: could this be because i am possibly jailed my ign is the same as my forum username and just before i got off earlier i got a message saying i had been jailed but i didn't have time to figure out why. it was possibly because i was asking repeatedly to use the deathjump areana thingy and that might have been taken as spam
  8. i looked at the file it is x128
  9. custom mod? if you mean additional to tekkit as apposed to using tekkit 3.0.3 or 3.0.5 the yes i get it your problem is thus your sphax support doesnt support that mod when it got removed from tekkit it got removed from the supported mods list in the pack and you will need to add the textures back into the pack
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