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  1. Do you guys play on LAN? The internal ip changes sometimes
  2. Walk out 50ish blocks, or just op yourself
  3. yeah, that's why I don't play on public tekkit servers, everything is banned
  4. For me, server administrative/backbone wise: 8 For me, in-game wise: 6
  5. It's also been happening on my private server, it only happens when I go to my friends house, the rest of the map is fine. I get like 5fps there and. Normally get 30, any quick and easy way without losing the house?
  6. Ok thanks, I'll look into splitting the water and the oil
  7. yeah I have that problem on my main oil rig, I sadly had to abandon it :(
  8. You can run a server with world edit, select a region, then do //set 162
  9. Awesome! Finally can have protected stuff without worrying of friends stealing my red matter :D
  10. it shouldnt, unless it's extremely low like 100mb, just do 1gb for safety xD or more if you have 64bit java and a lot of ram