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  1. I can remember exact time but it was either late alpha or very early beta.
  2. My question is OMG why DON'T you have steam? I have not seen any steam haters on this forums.. maybe I just have not looked hard enough :P
  3. Unless andrew resets the spawn or builds the arena to go around the spawn area we would need a plugin to do all this yea
  4. Wouldn't we need the Hunger games plugin though? Anyone know if its tekkit compatible?
  5. You need to switch your tekkit version to 3.1.3. In the bottom right settings In the launcher
  6. You need to switch your tekkit version. Your probably on 3.1.2 ATM and you need to switch to 3.1.3. In the bottom right settings switch your version in the launcher
  7. It's because your probably compressing the folder. Compress all the contents of the pack. Not the folder it's in
  8. I don't know how efficient this would be considered but I like making a giant square, and putting a TON of cobble generators in it. Gets a bunch of EMC fast.
  9. Extract the zips of both and place all the files from the tekkit addon to the main pack. Then compress all the files, and not the folder but only the files. Put that zip in the texture packs folder and your good. Any overlapping folders between the addon and the pack just put the stuff inside the addon folder into the main packs folder of it.
  10. You put the sphax tekkit textures into the sphax texture pack. And if there are any overlapping folders you go into the tekkit version folder and drop it all in the right sphax folder
  11. You probably have not added the tekkit add-on to sphax to get the textures
  12. Are you using 1.2.5 version? And it may not be compatible with technic
  13. I would guess it is because it is right under the OS Version but IDK. just wait for the OP to reply I guess