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  1. Hi, Was interested in checking you out, but when I went to log in, it told me I needed some different versions of some mods. What version of tekkit do it need to load to get to your server? Please send me a pm if you can, looks interesting.
  2. And lets add that further spamming of this thread will get you reported to the people that run these boards. So move on to somewhere else.
  3. What part of "spamming the forums is hurting your case for an appeal" do you not get? Your inability to listen and comply with rules got you banned. You are proving it was a correct decision. Ban appeals are done on the website, not here. Very minute chance of it happening though, based on your behavior here.
  4. We are changing the time for greylisting to 4 hours. Should go live soon if it hasn't already happened.
  5. Appeal your ban on the website is you want Frodo. That's up to Skuli. You were way over the line with your behavior.
  6. It may change, not up to me at all. I can give you the reasons though. We knew that when we changed to a deluxe server, we'd have a horde of new players. And as always, some of these only play to grief, and don't care about the rules. Getting banned doesn't bother them, they got their jollies destroying things. Frontier and Medieval have always been sort of laid back. No griefing means some people would do builds and not worry too much about making sure they were protected with towney. If things did get griefed, a mod could run over, log block it, ban or warn the griefer, and roll back the damage. But with dozens of new people on each day, we could easily have major problems, leading to regular players quitting due to griefing, and mods burning out from dealing with it. Since outlands allows grief, no one cares when a horde of 12 year olds runs in to cause havoc. We already protect our builds. Builds are smaller, due to less resources, sometimes hidden well, or far out in the wastes. The newbie griefers die to zombies and radiation, amusing the old gnarly veterans. No problems in outlands with the horde. By making people play a bit in outlands, it gives people time to learn the rules, and for the impatient to go away. Far less problems in the softlands because of this. Outlands is mean't to be hard. It's specifically designed that way. It's actually very fun as well, with the hidden bunkers, mine networks, bizarre nether, and a different way to play minecraft. Surviving in outlands is the fun. Also makes Frontier look easy, and Medieval a disneyland. Many people say they learn Tekkit and MC better from playing in Outlands.
  7. Funny is fine. Racist is not funny. Being 'secretive' the second time was just annoying. You kept sending me private messages saying 'test', and i would reply to them. You didn't reply back, you wanted me to log into skype, get my email, and talk using signs. I gave you about 10 minutes to actually say something. Instead you told me to come to co-ordinates. You had about 12 signs up and got mad that I read them. Moderators don't have time for silly games. It didn't matter if other players overheard, I was the moderator. That was your chance to say something, I asked you about 6 times what was up. I knew it was you. You aren't too sneaky when logging into alternate accounts. When you logged in as "master-allison", you were trolling. Claimed to be new, claimed to be a girl. Said 'Creeper' was a pervert stalker thing. You were unwise to tell a racist joke. You were unwise to blow it off, act like you didn't understand, and fail to apologize. You were unwise to start logging in on alt accounts.] You were unwise to waste time instead of talking when given a chance. You were unwise to use an alt to Troll. You were unwise to post a less than accurate account of the situation. For someone who claims to run their own server, you are quite unaware of even the basic rules and acceptable behavior that most servers use.
  8. Pompey, you were cursing. Adam was asking you not to curse. I backed Adam up on that. Your next reply was "I don't need this F%^$ing Sh$t" No cursing is a rule, you don't seem to get that. You got banned.
  9. Not quite Frodo. You told a racist joke, I didn't ban you immediately, but was just going to sort of yell at you, and make you apologize. You pretended to not know what the joke mean't. I don't feel like playing those games. I banned you. Probably would have unbanned you the next day. You then Came on the Riley account to argue. Not a good move to use alts. I banned you on that account. You came on as blasta, said your weren't frodo, and then annoyed the hell out of me with your little 'Can we communicate with signs" and "what is your private email?" messages. It was obvious who you were, I gave you chances to communicate, and asked you at least 6 times. You ignored me and started some diary on signs. Then you come on as Master Allison, said you were a girl, made some stupid comments, and got banned for trolling. We honestly didn't know that was you. Thanks for the info. The joke was racist. You acted like an idiot. You got banned on multiple accounts and messed up your chances of being unbanned.
  10. Interesting setup, just couldn't figure it out though. Read all the signs, explored spawn. You can't build/mine anywhere at all until you claim it, got that part. Did the math and with 64 starting credits it looks like you can make a very small plot. Made a 2x2 to start out, cost me 3 credits. 2x2x70=280 and each block is .01. 2.8 credits rounds to 3. NP. Then whenever I try to make something larger, it tells me I don't have enough money. Coudn't even make a 3x3 near the 2x2. Used up the one pick I started with, can't make another because I need to plant a tree on my 2x2 and wait for it to grow? Interesting, but having a whole world to run around and not touch/interact with is a bit odd. Let me know what I'm missing.
  11. We just finished he insanely fun Halloween event. I think there may be a repeat coming up on Saturday. Not to be missed. Bouncing around a huge custom city full of monster spawners and tons of zombies, competing with the other players, while Skuli works hard to kill us all. :)
  12. A blatant lie. I was on when you started ranting and raving about losing things. You're only "proof" that it was an admin is you thought you had the chests locked. I told you at the time that accusing an Admin of 'stealing' from you was dumb, and to instead ask MJ for help. You just kept being a jerk and ranting. Given the choices of: 1. Rant, accuse admin, make false accusations, lie on these forums. 2. Ask for help from a very involved Admin that is quite accessable. You chose #1. Dumb.
  13. Outlands continues to be fun to play in with it's harsh enviorment. There's now a very chaotic area out past the old borders that I may move to, and up my deaths per hour Cozy Lava filled sewers, flaming zombies, and friendly pigzombies. Who could ask for more? Add in the radioactive rain (and sun, and zombies....). and you get a very challenging, but still playable minecraft experience. When I need a night off with green growing things to look at, I run through the Decontamination center and play in either Medieval or Frontiers. I like the idea of linked worlds on one server, with one community.
  14. Another long night spent having fun when I should have been sleeping I like the custom biomes, as I find myself making specific excursions to find the items I need. Last night was gathering Ender Pearls in a Sky biome. Enchanted Althame recommended for the trip, as the scary buggers can spawn in droves, just like in the End. Tonite I'll be heading to a Hell Biome, just to see what it has. Ghasts and pigmen roaming in my forest home have made life a bit interesting, might have built a wee bit to close to Hell. The Admin, MJ, is on a huge amount. Very approachable, and helpful. Still a very new map. Shops are just starting to open, towns forming, and huge amounts of unexplored space, with vast resources if you know where to look. The balance of PVP and towney is good. You want to be protected? Then you have to earn some cash to pay that high daily rent on your town. Players that go away for a couple of weeks and don't keep up their town will come back to find a wasteland You aren't going to see a ton of little towns made by new people who play for a day and don't come back, cluttering things up. Big towns will be populated by active players. Inactive towns can suddenly become treasure troves:) Very nice scenery, nice resource placement. Glad I joined up early and got to work exploring and mining.
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