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  1. I don't understand. So, you have two MFE units powering two different cable lines? Or one MFE is charging another? Make sure that the outputs are in the right order? I'm not sure why you have MFE units connected to BatBoxes, I think those are superfluous, because your arrays could directly output EU into the LV transformers and into the BatBoxes. I usually set up my machines with 3 to a power source or storage unit, etc. Generator>Canning Machine>Compressor>Electric Furnace (that being the left) Macerator<Extractor<Macerator<Generator Maybe you could try that, and make sure you don't have forks in your cables, because that leads to a lot of EU loss and maybe glitches. I don't know, I'm not a wiring technician maybe someone else can help you more in depth.
  2. Pfft. Silly fools, I only play Minecraft because it's fun. And of course it's a waste of time. It's Minecraft.
  3. Yes, but does it make sense that you can carry 1728 blocks of stone that are half of your size? I would have trouble carrying one of those.
  4. Ah, that's a good point. I tried joining even the VoxelBox on Technic Pack and even in regular old Minecraft. I'll try allowing it through my antivirus (i use McAfee). Edit: Ok, I just disabled my firewall, and I deleted and redownloaded the Launcher and Minecraft directly from the website just to be sure. I have yet to test it.
  5. Hi... I've entered the IP Address into the server address list on my multiplayer screen. I try to connect and it comes up with an error message that spreads across the screen and doesn't wrap around. It looks a bit like this: Ok, I'm using Dev. Build, selected the dev. build from the launcher. H/M works fine on singleplayer. However, I cannot seem to get this server to work! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I copied and pasted the IP; Is there something I'm doing wrong? Are there H/M launcher logs I can post or something? Should I put this in H/M error reports? by the way, I didn't mean for the greyed "link" in the quotes. EDIT: Ah, wait, sorry, let me put this in bug report. Sorry guys! :P
  6. Ok, you know what, I give up I figured knowing extremely basic physics could amount to figuring it out, but I did not think of that. I'm just 13. And to everyone else, I'm making assumptions. But I did not know that the player was 1.7 blocks tall, so thanks (makes sense that it's your eye height) Anyway, the result of this post is that Minecraft does not, and will never, standardize the game and measurements do not make sense. I'm just going to focus on making my Quantum armor now.
  7. Ok, sorry. I just won't say anything from now on. Oh, and it's Lixiomm, but it's just spelled that way haha In that case, I won't do anything then good to know. I was like OHHHH! add on the SITE! not a mod for the PACK! *facepalm* i didn't realize it was in the pack. I just can't read Don't worry, this won't happen again.
  8. I do that, too. Just, if I have bugs, I fix them myself. And if I have a bug I can't fix, I know better than to risk getting keller'd. And it's cause I'm too lazy.
  9. Ok. EDIT: It is widely accepted that We all know that one block is a meter. Or, say, a cubic meter to be more accurate. A meter long, a meter wide, and a meter tall. Every playable character in Minecraft is 2 blocks (or 2 meters) tall, which is equal to approx. 6.56 feet. So the average player (scratch that, EVERY player) is 6.56 feet tall, which is pretty tall - note that this isn't 6' 5". How about every block of water? Even source blocks don't completely fill a block space. Try putting water next to grass. The grass is higher, right? How about tanks? They're not 1x1 meter wide and long, they have block margins. But, let's just assume that water IS a cubic meter; I suppose since it's accepted that the block is a meter cubed, we're using la Système international d'unités - one block of water is equal to 1000 liters of water. How about those potion water bottles? They take up a whole 1000 liters of water, but you drink potions? How can a person consume 1000 liters of water with spider eyes in it? Then again, this is the Minecraft in which you can carry 64 cubic meters of stone brick and carry 36 of those stacks in your pocket. Let's move on to horsepower. How much power does a redstone engine have at its low stage? High stage? And those for steam and combustion? I'm not talking about MJ (Minecraft Joules) and energy burned. I'm specifically talking about joules. Horsepower is raw engine power. Your average $18-20,000 automobile has a 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder engine and 145 horsepower, maybe 135 torque (that varies). So, when you convert horsepower and joules to watts, and subsequently BTU, you get 746 watts per horsepower. One watt is 3.413 BTU (British Thermal Units). So, when you multiply 746 by 3.413, you end up with 1 horsepower equaling 2546 BTU, more or less. There are directly 1055 joules in one BTU. Therefore, by multiplying 2546 BTU by 1055 joules, you get 2,686,133.4 joules per horsepower. Now, the question is, how many MJs do the respective engines generate per displacement of the piston? (Now I know that joules, and by extension, MJs, are a unit of work, but indirectly, because all BC engines need are fuel and redstone current, which can be stationary like a Redstone Torch, let's say nothing is lost when you convert energy>force>work.) This depends on how see it. Because joules are such a small unit of measurement, they require 2.6 million of them to create 1 horsepower. I heard on a Direwolf video that some engines burn only several joules at a time. This does not add up. What are your thoughts? Sorry that I'm getting off on a rant, but one more thing. Have you ever noticed when zombie pigmen drop golden nuggets, THEY'RE ALL THE SAME SIZE? (< sarcasm, not blind stupidity) What if the devs of Minecraft or someone came out with a mod or update which included different sized materials which would conversely make a ton of complex and somewhat annoying changes to the way Minecraft is played? Thus making everyone annoyed and maybe even making the game into a 1-gig big (tee hee) application. Whatif, whatif, whatif. Post yo comments! :D
  10. Oh really? I thought that was like for Forestry, I heard that in a Direwolf video thing. But I guess he was talking about the engines... That was during my beginning Technic days... Yeah, vis is a good point, I forgot about it since I use Tekkit, more machine and technical. ya know? But I don't mean to change the subject.
  11. Dude, post in the right place... I'm trying to help you before a mod kellers you or something... Seriously like apologize and end your thread before you get Kellered! I mean, there's a suggestion thread, a mod request thing under Modder's Metropolis. Check that out. Before someone changes your pic and ignores anything you say.
  12. And adding to that, never try to generate EU by powering a BatBox with Buildcraft compatible engines. So the different types of powering things: - Redpower stuff and vanilla Minecraft machines (pistons, transposers, RP2 lamps, etc) use redstone, which has ON and OFF... - Redpower blutricity (which has varying degrees of current to power specifically blulectric machines) - IndustrialCraft 2 Energy Units (EU) (" " to power specifically IC2 machines) - Buildcraft Energy (created by engines, etc, to power your pumps and quarries) - Equivalent Exchange EMC (which is used to transmute objects into different objects directly or indirectly, and has pretty much no other purpose) And that should pretty much be the only energy types in Technic Pack, omitting Forestry. If I'm wrong, please correct me.
  13. liXiomm

    IC2 wrench

    Is MY sarcasm detector broken? (I know Torezu's is right now, but he's got that fixed up now, happens to everyone from time to time) I thought that you NEEDED a wrench to remove machines, and if it was a manual Tier-1 type (non-electric) it had the loss chance. Cause even for normal tier-1 macerators and compressors and the like, I never, and I mean never get a machine back. And I do agree with KakerMix, because if you can log around 1728 MFE's or MFSU's (inventory space: 36 spaces including hotbar and full stacks of units) in your "inventory" pocket, then you should be able to place them and pick them up easily. I mean, if there was a reduced speed rate due to anything in your inventory (which our good old buddies Notch and Jeb would probably never add), that would KIND OF make sense, but nevertheless it's still a dumb thing to keep in. I usually don't move my original setup (generator powering macerator, extractor, macerator), but I suppose moving solar panels is more common? I don't often use solar panels... The problem is that they are too reliable in that they never produce enough EU to power at least 3 Tier 1 machines. Anyway, that's my rant. Have a good time with your lives.
  14. Eh, I get what you're saying, man. (I don't want to say "bro" since I'm probably younger than you, since I don't have nephews and I CERTAINLY couldn't be trusted with being a moderator [to you mods out there , I probably would be some kind of hate machine]... But really, that's just stupid, 6 year olds, MTV, ya know. Oh well. I recognize amongst my middle-school peers that profanity and obscenity are becoming the norm trash on TV these days, plus reality crap. Best you can do is ignore it these days and hope nobody goes on about whatever's on Jersey Shore or that other show.
  15. Your 6-7 year-old nephews are watching Jersey Shore!!! Sir, you need to do something about that. If they watch a certain show I'm not even going to mention (maybe you can guess what I'm talking about), I would have a heart attack. Seriously, that's not good. But what can ya do, I guess... Oh and I agree, Spongebob was the best, still watch it a lot :D