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  1. IGN:TheLaziestLegend Skype: Yes Age: 24 Gender: Male Why you'd like to join: I enjoy Greifing, Raiding, and building factories to sustain the other two things I like to do. Reason I would like to join the server is becuase every server needs that guy you want to keep your base/items from, but he just seems to find it every time...Ya I'm that guy. Now you don't need to white list me because well you know I am a 100% bad guy, but if you do your saying to me that this is acceptable. As well keep in mind I do play several greifing/raiding servers and work 2 full time jobs so my greifing time w
  2. I see well thanks for the heads up...I kinda broke my launcher trying to connect, anywho so gotta fix that now xD
  3. IGN:TheLaziestLegend Age:23 Location: Ohio, United States I enjoy building elaborate bases, going raiding, and simply chatting. I work often so i might not be on as much, but when I am you'll know it.
  4. IGN:TheLaziestLegend Character Name:Timith Viktor Von-Ravenblood Character Age: (34) Character Sex: (Male) Real Age:23 Real sex:Male Backstory:After leaving his old life behind, Timith embarked on his journey to find himself. A doctor of the past that still haunts him he dabbled in mechanics and with the new land ahead nothing would please him more then testing the limits of his mechanical intellect.
  5. IGN-TheLaziestLegend Age-23 Country-USA Preferred Role-Terrain Editor Got Any Fallout Knowledge?- I play and own both Fallout 3/ New Vegas, and have touched into Fallout 1 for the Computer. Why you want to join in- I enjoy building up environments with world edit or even by hand. I have worked on some smaller scale servers and would love the chance for a larger scale build
  6. Whitelist app: IGN:TheLaziestLegend Age:23 What you want to do on the server:Build, develop Tekkit skills without the use of an overly broken EE About you:I'm Married, have a full time job, own a car....How could I be more adult without children?
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