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  1. Thanks Adren, I was wondering what was going on with the server. I hope to play with you and your friends sooner or later! :D

  2. anarchium infinitium

  3. Yes but EE makes it TOO EASY and cancels the use of other mods
  4. Gem armour can be defeated by nukes. In PVP servers with nukes enabled, it's a common tactic to get your victim to teleport to you and set off a nuke. The nuke will kill the gem armoured player, where it wouldn't kill you if you had quantum (iridium) equipped.
  5. When I first delved into tekkit several months ago I was very keen to build factories in SMP servers. However, after a while I noticed that people just condensed everything they ever needed. Players could build gem armour that was on scale with quantum. All of the other mods seemed pointless in comparison to EE. They say a picture shows a thousand words, well hopefully this picture conveys what I'm trying to say. I took this picture after 8 hours of logging into a random server. Notice all of the condensers dwarfing other mod's uses ie blockbreaking under snowman and compressing the snow int
  6. Your server crash and won't recover without deleting and disabling triangulator which is part of the Wireless Chickenbone mod. I didn't know that it was going to crash the server but it did. You would need to disable and delete it to fix it.

    - Bopkasen

  7. The problem is the server owner hasn't installed the tekkit server properly, plain and simple.
  8. TekkitRestrict stops chunk loading errors caused by world anchors, quarries etc, install that to remove lag. Plugins such as NoLag can actually lag a server.
  9. Check the date of my original post, I'm the first person on these forums to tell ya'll about Tekkit Restrict. Worship me, your based OP. Also, http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/must-have-plugins-and-modifications-for-a-tekkit-server.25505/ Copied my plugins and based his thread off mine.
  10. Banned list cleared, and we installed a plugin to stop fly hackers crashing the server.
  11. Very good review and clarity, thanks. I'll be sure to subscribe to your channel later.
  12. If you're going to mention TekkitRestrict, make sure you give me credit for telling this forum about it last Thursday.
  13. That's hardly professional if you delete my entire post. >mfw thread is derailed already Right I think I will lock this thread now, to prevent future post-*****ing.
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