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  1. There is part of the redstone api that allows you to give signals directly to bundled cable, but if I remember it is a little awkward. It involves adding together the colours of the wires you want on at once and outputting that. This could be of help, the comments seem supportive -
  2. If I'm reading it right the code I have underlined is jumping back to PAGE before printing "Access Denied". Swap the lines over and it should work. EDIT - Ignore this, looking up what PAGE actually means, as it is written before "access granted" which im assuming works. EDIT 2 - Ah, so PAGE just clears the screen, obvious really. Where are you learning your FORTH code from? I think the problem is in the IF, as they follow the structure IF...ELSE...THEN; and your THEN AGAINs might be breaking it. This page might be of some help, assuming there aren't a load of FORTH versions and this is wrong- http://theforthsource.com/guide10.html EDIT 3 - OK, so here is a possible solution: : LOCK 3 IOXADDR ! BEGIN DO PAGE ." Password : " CR TEMP SET PASSWORD @ TEMP @ STRCMP 0 = IF PAGE CR CR ." Acess Granted " 1 IOX! 80 TICKS 0 IOX! ELSE PAGE CR CR ." Acess Denied! " 80 TICKS THEN LOOP ; I removed the THEN AGAIN commands and just threw the whole lot in a DO LOOP so it loops forever (I presume this machine only runs this lock). Certain syntax may have been omitted, semicolons etc., so you might need to tweak it to make it work. However, I think the general program is correct. Let me know.
  3. You need to make a waterproof upgrade for the forcefield. That causes all liquid inside the forcefield to be deleted leaving you with a nice bubble to build in. I have a forcefield tunnel to a hidden nether base under a lava lake. When the field is off the lava flows back to fill the gap. Controlled by wireless redstone, proximity sensors, whatever you like for that secure base feeling. Also, finish that solar array factory. It is much easier to plan the factory if you draw a simple flowchart of which materials need to go where. I can post screenies of my solar factory (or minetrack factory) if you want inspiration.
  4. Can you describe exactly how you have the energy link and the quarry set up? You need to join a wooden conductive pipe to the energy link, then a stone conductive pipe to that, then that pipe can connect to the quarry. Putting the link adjacent to the quarry without conductive pipes wont work. [energy link] -> [wooden conductive] -> [stone conductive] -> [quarry] That set up works for me. Also you may need cable between the MFSU and the link, not just next to each other again, but I am not 100% on that.
  5. My friends connect to my server on a local network by just entering the local IP of my machine in the address box from multiplayer. Never used Hamachi although if its easier i will look into it.
  6. Just put a chest directly after the filter and see if it passes through then.
  7. I run my quarries on a power converter, and those quarries are 60x60 area. Are you just using 10 basic solar panels to power 4 quarries? it could be that quarries use slightly more power as they get deeper and this pushes power need higher than generation. Try with a few HV solar arrays (512EU/t per array, I have 20 of these powering everything) and see if that fixes your problem. Also, teleporter pipes, normal and conductive, allow fully moveable quarries without having to move sorting or power generation.
  8. Does the ore have a valid location where it can be deposited? Pneumatic tubes are quite clever, and won't even transport material if it can't go anywhere. Check there is a chest or the next filter aloows ore through it.
  9. I also have this problem as was just about to make a thread when I saw this one. I did everything Senor Coolguy has tried, plus I created a new End, tested it worked, then pasted the files into the tekkit world_the_end folder. This still gave me an obsidian platform in the middle of nowhere. I then opened the world file in MCedit, and I believe I have found the problem. As you can see, the end has spawned correctly, but when entering the End it creates a new set of chunks away from the original and places the platform there. The coordinates when on that platform are x= -950, y= 40, z= 386, and I was under the impression that the platform always spawns at 0,72,0. There must be something conflicting with the spawn point to put it there.
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