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  1. It can be set in the config (ModularForceFieldSystem.cfg) I think: #################### # general #################### general { maxDeflectorDistance=10 maxProjectorSize=32 maxTubeRadius=5 refreshSpeed=100 slowGenerate=true # If true, this will use the old names from Thunderdark's version. useOldNames=false } Change the maxProjectorSize to whatever you want. Huge sizes may cause problems and I'm not sure how the power consumption will be with suh a big field.
  2. You have to hold a button to activate the speed and jump abilities of the armor, default is Ctrl I think.
  3. I think you might need to give the system a little kick to get it running. That batbox is outputting upwards so it wont power the link, and the adjacent water mills(?) wont power the link either without any water in them. Try manually loading some water into the mills to get the system generating power and see if that triggers the pump. EDIT: Those are water strainers aren't they? So you cant manually place water in. Change one of them adjacent to the link with a water mill and throw a bucket of water in to get it going. Replace the strainer once the system is running. Just tested
  4. In your server.properties file do you have the line: server-ip= I never set the IP here for my server, I just left it without the numbers and the server starts up fine with "Starting Minecraft server on *.25565"
  5. How is the wiring set up? Do you have a timer constantly running and then a way to connect those pulses to the frame motors when you want to move the door? You might be better pausing the timers (constant signal to the "bottom" side) or using computercraft to wait for a signal and then move the motors. This way the redstone updates are only when the frame is being moved. I can help you with either solution, with pictures or code.
  6. The chest plate can be disabled with several plugins that ban ownership and crafting of items, Noitem is an example.
  7. If I have a perfectly functioning tekkit server, and I copy the config files over to a new server that someone is setting up, will it use all my block IDs and therefore not have any conflicts? This new server is throwing conflict errors all over the place on startup, and altering the IDs enough to make it work then screws with NEI.
  8. It is possible that the block IDs that NEI has stored do not match those assigned on the server and you are trying to spawn an unassigned item. Is it every block that crashes it?
  9. Title: Redpower can't find its own config/lang files Version: 3.1.2 OS: Linux server running multicraft Java Version: 7 Description of Problem: On server startup I get a severe error which states that the config and lang files arent in the redpower folder. This prevents the Wireless redstone loading and the sever hangs. The log reads bottom to top because of how the servers page displays it. There is an identical log that says /redpower.lang instead of /redpower.cfg just after this error in the console. Both files are there, I can see them. I have tried deleting them, copying in f
  10. Somebody made a patch for EE that affected how the tools break blocks. Although im not sure if this means that obsidian stops it, or if it was to make them work with bukkit protection plugins, I really cant remember. Might be worth a look anyway.
  11. Just need to get 1.4 on my server now so I can have a go with crafty turtles! THEY SHALL CONSUME THE WORLD!!!
  12. If a turtle is adjacent to a computer, or possibly another turtle, then on that computer: turtleside = peripheral.wrap("<side turtle is on>") turtleside.turnOn() will boot it. I expect screenshots of your turtle replicating factory within hours Source http://computercraft.info/wiki/index.php?title=Peripheral_(API)#Computers
  13. Yes, if you pipe into the loader using buildcraft pipes then the bucket disappears, but it works with redpower tube. Vice versa, you need build craft to get it out, redpower doesnt work. I might let the railcraft creators know about that fun issue. (I reckon redpower would work to extract, if the filter was on the bottom of the loader as is usual for bottom inventories. However since there will always be a cart there that isn't any use)
  14. Ok I have a workaround for this. First, use Advanced wooden pipes to extract from machines as you can specify exactly what is taken (ie only empty buckets, not full ones). Or use redpower filters, which is my prefered solution as I like how they wont drop if the pipes carry too much. Secondly, to get the liquid out of a bucket, the only way i have found is to use a liquid loader to load a tank cart, then immediately unload the cart using a liquid unloader. Unloaders can have the liquid pumped out in waterproof pipes and put into tanks. This is what im guessing you are using to load
  15. I have noticed that it wont power redstone cable directly, only redstone dust. If you put a bit of dust between the cable and the mfsu does it work?
  16. Have you used the redstone behaviour before? As the button doesnt change when you click it, but the behaviour appears in the chat, often behind NEI, just to be annoying.
  17. startup file shell.run("monitor","top","<PROGRAM NAME>") Then make the program, inserting the location of the program instead of <PROGRAM NAME> Note that all 3 argument of shell.run need quotes around them.
  18. Blackie, can I request you reconsider how hard you swing the banhammer, especially when it comes the players that have been on the server for a long time. I can understand players joining then greifing from day 1, but me and a friend have been on the server for several months, and stayed through the world reset a few weeks back. Now he has been banned for griefing, which we can only assume is because someone got killed by the tesla coils we were experimenting with in our home (these aren't banned, and we weren't trying to lure people onto them or anything). You banned my friend, and have r
  19. Why do you need a liquid unloader? Also would you rather use buildcraft pipes or redpower tubes? I can give examples for each but I dont want to type both out.
  20. Although she would probably get a nice medal with Mr Nobel's head on it had she actually managed it.
  21. The "fix" for the End issue is to build an end portal at coordinates x=0, z=0 in the overworld. If you look, you will see that the platform it spawns you on in your worlds has the same coordinates in the end as the portal frame had in the overworld.
  22. I can't believe there is one, it just wouldn't work. It would have to caompare every word for english spelling, then the grammar to check that it was actually english language, so any slight spelling/grammar errors (including chatspeak) would be filtered out. So you would all have to speak flawless Queen's English, all the time. And the time it took to check every sentence typed would cripple the chat. Looks like you are just going to have to continue your multicultural server as it is.
  23. I can now get on, thankyou for fixing it if you did. Also, for any interested people, the server is well run in my opinion. The owner and mods are available all the time and any requests i have made have been answered by them within minutes.
  24. Hey Blackie, tried to get on today and the server disconnects saying griefing, yet i havent done anything since i logged out for server shut down yesterday evening. This a mistake or can you let me know what i did wrong? Thanks (name is the same is on this forum)
  25. Probably easiest with a Computer Craft program that checks which line you want then sets all of the motors that need to be set. A loop which takes an input then a lot of ifs that choose the right output setting (does Lua have Select statements?) then waits for a new input.
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