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  1. is building his prison on (If you have vannila 1.5.1 come and help :P)

  2. Sorry I typed the IP in wrong. :I Try now. (You don't apply here it's ingame applying)
  3. Hamachi is free and tricks you computer into thinking you are connected in a LAN
  4. Why isn't this in the bugs forum?
  5. If someone finishes the Tekkit version (Please make it 3.1.2 classic) I WILL EXPLODE Do forcefields stop nuclear explosions?
  6. is playing on his Tekkit 3.1.2 Classic server

  7. I like Akliz as it suites my needs and has great support! *Sends Ticket* [5 Minutes Later] *Staff joins server and fixed problem in 5 min*
  8. Server Has Closed Down! New vannila 1.5.1 server: Description: We are a small scale server that is run by friends. Feel free to join! We all play survival so we aren't OVERLORDS. The money is based on EMC so not economy exploits SERVER IP: [uptime: 99% 24/7] [DEDICATED SERVER] NOTE: You will start as a guest, please ask an admin to rank you up to 'New Member' Feedback, Help and Tickets: Tickets (Back-up Only): [email protected] Rules: Do not grief No strong language Be friendly to others No banned items (See list at below and in game spawn) Switch off your machines (Or we remove them) No cheats, hack, dupes, other mods, or X-Ray (We have detection plugins) Use common sence NO KILLING CATS Have fun! All administrators play legit survival! Banned Items: All Gem armour RM/DM Hammers Mining Laser Morning Star Zero Ring Goddess Ring Mercurial Eye Watch of Flowing Time ALL explosives Both Amulets REP ALL Chunkloaders EXP Bottles Terraformer Nuclear Reactor Duplicator RM/DM Furnace ALL Relays ALL Collectors Trying to use/craft/drop/pickup them will turn them into air! (Watch 2,000,000 EMC turn into 0) Note: Mod and higher can use them Major Plugins: Fe (Ecconomy) (Use /fe) Duckshop (Signshops) Towny (Protection)(Resident will not work!!!) AntiX (Anti-X-Ray) AdminCMD (Admin Commands) Coreprotect (Roll-Backs) Jail (Jail) TekkitRestrict (Anti-Dupe, Banned items, ect) Pictures: (Spawn Point) (Spawn House) (Crafting House) (Mall) (Jail) (Mall-Inside) (Rail Bridge) (Jail-Inside) (Craft-Inside) New Video thanks to Ac1dArrow (physicaltrauma): Our Host:
  9. In Game Name: Cats_55 Age:13 How Long I Have Played With Tekkit: 2 Months Have I Ever Been Banned: Yes, once, for asking for a rank on a server. (Sorry D:) Why I Would Like To Work On This Project: I LOVE Tekkit! Previous Building Experience: I'm a builder on Legenary Craft FB and i LOVE CO-OP Tekkit building!