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  1. Thanks for adding me even though you aren't accepting applications. Thats really awesome! I will get on as soon as it becomes the suggested version.
  2. Minecraft username: mostscreens I found the server here. I want to be on a small community based survival server that I can trust. I'd like to spend time building bases and helping the community My favorite colour is black Pm me for more details Thanks!
  3. Ign: mostscreens Real first name: Ellis Contact drpotatohad (Skype) Age 14, almost 15 Location:US Pros: good builder, community oriented, willing to help pay if needed, ex server owner Cons: I have school, so I don't know about the four hours a day. But other than that, I can't think of any. Thanks!
  4. Why do you wish to join the server?: I want to have a small community based server to play on with good people. How often will you be on? Pretty much daily How often will you create episodes? I don't yet, but I am planning to start soon. Would you be interested in doing 'crossover' episodes?: Since I don't have a youtube yet, I can do crossover episodes. I would be happy to be in other peoples videos. Provide a link to a previously created YouTube Episode/Series: I unfortunately don't have any. So I know that you guys probably want people with a youtube account, but I think that I would be a
  5. Minecraft name: mostscreens Where are you from: USA Why are you applying; I am looking for a community based server with minimal lag. How well do you know the mod pack: I know all the mods pretty well. Age: Under 18 How often: At least an hour a day, but more on weekends. Also I would like to help out with community builds and things of that sort, and I would be willing to donate, as I know firsthand that owning a server can get expensive.
  6. Ign: mostscreens age: 15-20 TZ: EST Why this server? I want to join a good reliable whitelisted server that is small, but still good. I really like the rules, like the one about not damaging the landscape. I would be willing to help donate and pay for the server too. I am a good builder, and think that this seems like a good server. I know that you aren't currently accepting applications, but when you return to doing so, I would ask that you look at mine first. By the way, I found that a good amount of people whitelisted for a server is around 12-20. That way there is more of a chance that
  7. Minecraft name: mostscreens County: US Will you be uploading to youtube: How often will you be on: As much as I can, so close to daily Age: 14, but almost 15. I know I am technically not old enough, but I think that I can get along with 16+. A lot of my friends are 16. Do I accept the rules: Yes Do you agree not to steal: Yes. Thanks for considering me!
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