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  1. i dont see where ,after i create an account, i can post on applications.
  2. 1. IGN: Hungsolo61 2. Reason for wanting to join, please be specific: Looking for a small group to have fun, I hope to stream eventualy and enjoy the game with friends. 3. Tell me a little about yourself: 28 male from the states. Looking to have fun. 4. Do you fully understand all the rules? sure do, looking to have a good time chatting and playing.
  3. Hello I would like to join ign:hungsolo61 age:28 exp: Experienced with all sorts of Hexxit. Looking for a friendly server to posibly explore streaming or adventure.
  4. Was looking for your mod pack in the list, and didnt find it. Could you possibly link your mod pack. Thank you.
  5. sadly it says im still not on the list. does capital letters in the IGN matter? if so myn would be hungsolo61. sorry for the confusion.
  6. IGN: Hungsolo61 age:27 Looking for a PVE server that is grief free. Well knowledgeable in tekkit working on factorization now.
  7. IGN: Hungsolo61 age:27 I would like to play on a PVE and grief free server. Looking at expanding knowledge of tekkit to include factorization.
  8. Was looking to see when the next server reset would be? I finaly found a decent place to set up but after i logged on some one took down all the trees around me. No worries just would like to know when the next one will be. thank you.
  9. Hey 27age player looking for a non grief server, im central time, i undestand the rules and looking to have fun. ign:Hungsolo61
  10. Ign:Hungsolo61 age:27 timezone:central how long:for a few days how often:every day teamspeak:would love 2!!!
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