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  1. The microblocks.cfg for Blightfall has a simple typo that prevents Underground Biomes Constructs stone brick blocks from being used with saws in microblock recipes. The bugged line is numbered 11 and reads: "UndergroundBiomes:metamorphicStoneBricks":0-15 Using NEI to dump blocks.csv the relevant id for UBC stone brick is: "UndergroundBiomes:metamorphicStoneBrick" Removing the s fixes the problem. The problem is identical in the igneous rock entry as well.
  2. Success! Started completely over and it worked.
  3. I'm having an issue. I recently uploaded a modpack to dropbox and forgot to add the /bin folder. I reuploaded the file with modpack.jar (copied from directly from Tekkit Lite) added to the /bin folder inside my pack's .zip file and reuploaded the file. I downloaded the file directly, checked it, and it contained the /bin folder. Now, I removed the modpack folder from .technic and removed and readded my pack from the platform site after updating the url in the Platform pack setup page. Now the launcher will download my modpack but when it does so, it does not add the /bin folder and the modpack.jar but the mods,config, and coremods folders are added. I've attempted this several times and the same results. Is there a cached link or update issue I'm dealing with here? Edit: Okay, tried again with a new platform link. The pack downloads from my link but must not unzip properly. The coremods folder appears but is empty. The same with config. The mods folder simply disappeared. This platform stuff is pretty sketchy. I had better luck with the old launcher when I simply distributed DL links.
  4. A transformer will always accept EU from a lower voltage source when powered with redstone and output it. If you place an HV transformer on an input side of an MFSU you can accept all the Extreme Voltage and then feed it back out again, allowing EU to loop infinitely through the circuit. Then have a power source input to a safe side on the MFSU. Cover the HV cable in CF and it's virtually impossible to distinguish exactly where the electricity trap is.
  5. SERVER IP: or voxelsiege.com Server Rules: Lie, Kill, Grief, Steal, Cheat Do not hack, exploit or cheat, under any circumstances. If you find an exploit, report it. You might be rewarded. No spamming, please. Mods Removed: Equivalent Exchange, Wireless Extras (wireless remotes, triangulators, trackers) Banned Items: Quantum Chestplate, Quantum Leggings, Block Cutter Forcefield Upgrade, all world-loading items (World Anchor et al.) Modified Recycler Recipes You've awoken from a cryogenic slumber after a nuclear holocaust in a ruined world populated by horrible mutants. Radiation, dangerous creatures, and other humans seek to drive you to an early grave. Can you survive the VoxelAPOCALYPSE? Band together with allies with the Factions plugin. Create or join a faction and claim territory to build on. Recruit allies but beware, there are no rules prohibiting betrayal so be careful who you trust. Faction map is disabled so players are less likely to find your land. Certain items are not protected from being used or opened on faction land. These include all mod machines. Be careful who you allow to access your nuclear power plant, an ally might commit nuclear sabotage! > Grow your skills with various weapons and tools enabled by MCMMO. MCMMO is integrated with Tekkit pack to allow you to use your special skills with Tekkit content. Harvest Flax for farming skill. Crush things with hammers to raise your Axe skill. Bleed enemies to death with your trusty chainsaw! Mine nether ores to improve your mining talents and learn new abilities. We run Monster Apocalypse, allowing hordes of custom-generated zombies and other bonus baddies to be spawned around players with special rules. Zombies will gather and attempt to aggrieve your tasty flesh from larger-than-normal distances. Server difficulty is set to Hard, so monsters do significantly more damage to you. Be careful! Radiation is simulated with the Mortuus Terra plugin. Going outside without protective armor exposes you to radiation poisoning which will damage you over time. Use the /rads command to see the levels of radiation around you. Audible ticks will be heard when in an irradiated area. (This plugin is currently disabled due to a severe crash issue. Will return on Tekkit update, hopefully) Various special-effects are simulated with the MagicSpells plugin. The /spawn command is disabled so in order to return to spawn you need to buy a radio beacon at spawn. Also MagicSpells adds proc-on-hit chances to certain weapons (Golden stun swords, and poisonous emerald blades!) CityWorld generates a map with ruined buildings, huge mountains with dead forests and huge underground bunkers. Scavenge sewers and abandoned mines for old tools. Smelt iron fence in an alloy furnace to gather valuable iron. GoldisMoney is a plugin that allows us to take IC credits through the ShowCaseStandalone plugin that even players can use to create their own shops to buy and sell goods. Rent an apartment at spawn to have the only truly protected home on the map. Use IC creds to purchase rare and unusual items and flora and fauna samples from the Reclamation vault. RecipeManager has been configured to allow higher voltage wires to be used for crafting machinery. For instance, gold wire can be used to make items that would normally use copper. Even glass cable can be used to craft many items. Grief enemy bases by building a machine block cannon with the Cannons plugin. Load your cannon with a diamond block to smash obsidian. Load Ender pearl shots and you can teleport through even the most hardened walls and raid even the toughest bases! (Pictures coming soon!) Smart Moving is an optional user-side mod that is supported on this server. Jump, climb, crawl and hang from various objects. Evade the zombie hordes by crawling into narrow spaces. Or shimmy through a weak defense in an enemy faction's walls to take them by surprise! You'll need to install the Smart Moving mod on your own to take advantage of it. You'll be glad you did, however. We currently have a community of dedicated players that are eager to see more action. Prove you're trustworthy or at the very least, capable and you can find a place among an established faction. Go against the grain and create some strife. We want you to make a mess or rebuild humanity and civilization from the ashes of armageddon. We're open all the time, barring any horrible mishaps, so feel free to join! Server forum is here: http://voxelsiege.beastnode.org/forums/ Other plugins: PermissionsEx, DisableCraft, SimpleRegionMarket, Votifier, OtherDrops, TimTheEnchanter