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  1. MC Name: Tomohawks Age: 18 What are you looking for in a server?: A place that is moderated to an extent where it's decent to play. Also it's dedicated. Have you played on APOC Gaming before?: Used to play on this server every night, then life happened and i stopped playing for a while. Now i'm back. Would you be interested in becoming staff?: If needed or asked to, but I really couldnt care less.
  2. IGN: Tomohawks Name one rule: No 1x1 towers, realistic structures, no above-ground roads Why do I want to join: Seems like a dedicated server to play on What do I expect: A chill community to play with and build with
  3. Can you reset my location or the chunk I'm in? I'm in a bugged out chunk and every time I join, I crash and apparently take everyone on the server with me. IGN: Tomohawks
  4. If bees are in an area too damp or arid, that can tip the bees to not work. Get a beealyzer, examine the bees, and make sure the bees are what you think they are. (I once had an excited bee that needed water lilies in a cold environment. I was testing with all kinds of bees then)
  5. I keep getting that error too. Are you near a Better Dungeons dungeon when that happens?
  6. Sorry if this is the wrong spot to post, but my problem is with big dig, and this is a big dig forum. Specs: Please let me know if I missed anything crucial Java: Update 25, 64bit (pretty sure this is the problem) and 32bit Processor: 3.6ghz Intel I7 3820 Video Card: NVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti OS: Windows 7 The problem I'm having is that whenever I approach a Dungeon (Better Dungeons), I freeze for a moment, and then the error report screen shows up. As I type this I'm updating my video drivers. If that does not work, I'm downgrading Java to u24. Error log (shortened to prevent
  7. 1.3.9 is missing a lot of custom stuff you guys are adding. It seems to be Pam's stuff (drinks?)
  8. For all the new peeps joining, use rubber trees for wood cause you can still get wood from that
  9. No Myst is completely stable on it, it just lags the server for about 5 seconds when a new world is made. It's odd that it's been down for about 2 days now
  10. I like it without plugins, gives it an air of once your dead, have fun getting back. Though I had to set up a Rift for quick access from my base to spawn trade area, due to the lack of /spawn and /home commands
  11. server went down around 1 o' clock. It's a rather nice server. It can handle Myst (stable worlds) and such. Dimensional doors lags the server if you rush through the dimensions. But still, it's nice being able to actually use Rifts for instant teleporting without commands! Oh, server has no plugins either.
  12. THat's a localhost IP. No one can connect to that.
  13. @julliuz That's a logistics pipes error. The only way is for someone to destroy & replace the pipe. At least the only way I know... Also what's the world border?
  14. Alright, that was a minecraft issue, fixed it. It's actually a good server! IT'S A STABLE BIGDIG SERVER YAY! THe only problem is that spawn got greifed and the admins arent fixing it manually, they are just rolling the server back ): They also banned Mystcraft stuff and Dimensional doors dont work.
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