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  1. IGN (In Game Name): TheUglyBanana Age: 25 Why Horizon?: Because I want a stable platform for my creations and some social play What is your goal on the server?: To enjoy exploring and building in Hexxit
  2. IGN: TheUglyBanana Age: 25 How long you've been playing Hexxit (doesn't really matter, newbies or veterans are well received): Brand new (Youtube vids at most) Maybe a picture of some previous builds(not necessary just enjoy seeing peoples builds, however it will help to show your maturity level in how you build): Why you want to play on this server: Just want a solid place to have some casual fun playing a game I love
  3. theuglybanana I like the idea of being able to do some pvp killing. Makes a nice dynamic to hiding and striking. More at stake!
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