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  1. Your In-game Name: cookb85 What you like to do on Minecraft: Mining, Crafting, Building largish interesting structures (boring square boxes are evil!) Which number has a larger positive value: 1000 [Totally Not Optional] An essay of any length on your favorite historical figure: Nikola Tesla was a cool dude who just wanted to electrocute everyone. so he made TESLA COILS! ... THE COILS OF NIKOLA TESLA!!!!
  2. IGN: cookb85 Age: 20 Location (country): USA est Have you read and agree to the rules: yes Have you played Tekkit before?: for a very long time Have you signed up on our forums/website (not required to!)?: not yet but if i like the server i will!
  3. In Game Name: cookb85 Do you have skype: yes Age: 20 Country/Timezone: est What do you like most about Tekkit: using mod items to make interesting structures Have you been in any other servers? If so, why did you leave: yes. they over populate or the admins slowly add more rules until you cant do anything What are you good at: building, 99% of tekkit What kind of builds do you make: larger or more detailed ( micro blocks are a good friend of mine.) How long have you been playing minecraft?: 2.5 years How often will you be online: depends on IRL at least every few days Why do you want to join this server in particular? smaller / whitelisted as a graphic designer you REALLY need to fix your font sizes. larger is never better.
  4. InGameName: cookb85 About me: i am a 20 year old graphic design major Location: +5 est Why Tekkitia?: i am looking for a mature server that features forestry Do you understand troublemaking/rule-breaking/griefing will get you banned/removed?: of course.
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