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  1. I would use World Edit to erase the frame with set 0.
  2. Well If your friends can connect to your previous servers via external ip but you can't then there is something that to me doesn't make sense. All I can tell you is what I did and is working for me and my friends and I can connect local or with external as well. 1. Named port and used the minecraft port # with both udp/tcp enabled. Used server internal ip and not the routers. 2. Used external ip from whats my ip. 3. In the server properties file I used the server internal ip for the address and deleted the port #. 4. When first installing Java make sure to allow internet access. Li
  3. If you can't connect with the external even on your computer then it can only mean a few things. 1. Firewall is blocking incoming connections 2. Port is not opened or improperly configured. 3. Wrong external ip # Other then having the server in front of me I don't know what else to tell you. All you can do is start over or retrace your steps as theres not much to it.
  4. Did you remove the port number out of the server property file, that worked for me. Also are you connecting directly with your computer or using the external ip?
  5. you do need to open the port and also you need to take the port number out of the server property file then you can local connect.
  6. Well my world has seemed to gone corrupt and even with backups I get a java exception error that I cannot fix. The tower is fine but the nuclear plant is gone as when I go there it is missing parts and shits floating. I am going to have to rebuild from scratch I guess and don't understand why even my backups are corrupt.
  7. Thanks, l will do that as soon as i finish the plant and the tower. I have made a lot of progress since that post and added some cool changes. I have to say that this is just the start as this world will have a full city with streets and homes and even more plants. I just started playing minecraft and am learning as i go.
  8. Well it can seem how ever you want to make it but just because I like certain plug-ins to modify my world doesn't mean I am hosting a server for a group. Its my server and I will install what I please and I am clear as to only wanting 1 person. I have no links to any sites and other then my detailed description of what I am running there is no indication to your false claim. If I wanted to host a server for multiple people I know where to go. Thank you for your concern and I have yet to find anyone yet so if anyone out there has skills feel free to contact me P.S. Reason for such a detail
  9. Nice, yeah I just read about the diamond chests and I will take your advice on that. I take a small fps hit around my structures but has been lag free so far. I have a nice setup to myself so that doesn't hurt. Thanks for the praise it means a lot.
  10. Just start it out as local mon = peripheral.wrap("top")
  11. I hear what your saying as far as the duplicators but if the end result is the same then I what does it matter? I am not creating this for use but for fun and an output number. Duplicating ice is not the same as skipping all the other work that went into this just because I didn't make the ice a specific way. If I can make a program to control the out put of 6 different machines and wrap it with a utility ui then I am sure I can create ice the hard way. But Some would say that because I didn't build it in survival... well you know the rest.
  12. Well I was aiming for big and I could have done it simple but I like complex things. All my buildings are grand in scale and I try to go for the wow factor more then practical. My main skyscraper has light switches on every floor and one for the outside and elevators. Was that needed no but creating sub floors and installing all of that wire was an extra step most don't take and I think it pays off. And let me tell you, that was a lot of wire:)
  13. Hi, sorry I know this will sound noobish but what is a yellow tag?
  14. Hey thanks for the reply. The wiring is pretty simple. The shutoff, forcefield, and industrial monitors are all wireless. The main computer that controls the ice is wired ( bundled cable ). the lv panels on the cooling tower and on top of the mfsu building power all blue power. The HV panels which store power in 56 mfsu's per tower store 560 million eu's for everything else. I don't think I will need to route power back from the reactors as I am not really even phasing the solars. I am not playing around with snow golems as this is my creative world and I have another world for survival
  15. I have been working on this for a solid week and not to far from being finished. I have reduced this to one reactor at max EU but it has still been a lot of work. I may be no engineer but I did use real pics from various nuclear plants and have tried to replicate one the best I could. This will be my three mile island and yes that's smoke coming out of the cooling tower:) This is the Data center going into the control room. Need a lot more work here but you can see my direction. One is the water in from the cooling tower and the other is the ice. The reactor chamb
  16. Private Tekkit Server - Looking for 1 Person - US Central Time - Active Daily Server is always up I have only been playing for a month but have been building some amazing stuff. I have all mods enabled and a list of plug-ins. - dynmap ( Fully rendered ) - Essentials - Lift - MobArena - Multiverse ( Main World is Peaceful / Creative and I have a separate world for PVP /Hard Survival ) - Stargate - Treeassist - world border ( world set to 5000 ) - Worldedit - Worldguard - Minebackup I am very good at worldedit and computercraft and have built skyscrapers, Huge Plants, and h
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