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  1. Hey Everyone, Well I am looking for a small server to build on as I shut mine down. I just didn't think it was worth it for just me. You can see some of my builds on these forums. I can build realistic nuclear plants to skyscrapers and would like to build on an active small server. So if you need help building or have a project then just pm me. Thanks
  2. When you extract Essentials there is more than just the Essentials jar, you need to put the Essentials spawn jar in the plugin folder as well. Just download the latest off curse.
  3. L = 94 W= 89 H= 180 The top is at 252 but my ground is at 72 so I think thats how it works.
  4. Thats what I am working on, but its just me so it will be awhile.
  5. Well it depends on when you started your server. Things have changed and there is a lot more mods now a days which also results in higher ram usage along with plug-ins. Also it depends on what you are doing as well, stand next to my two skyscrapers that are made with over 3 million blocks and 10,000 lamps and see how well even 4gb of ram does.
  6. Yeah I agree with iJoseph. I am running a small server and let me tell you if you have the ram it will use it. Now I build massive buildings but my server is at 4 - 6gb usage out of 16gb.
  7. 3 days at 30 hours, i am horribly impatient:)
  8. Hey Everyone, I am new here and tekkit but I love to build. I hope you enjoy my builds and your comments are what makes it worth it. Man Hours: 30 Plug-ins: Lift Teaxture Pack: 256 LB Photo realism Paste on ground 60 Suites: Each with furnished living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, study room w/ fireplace. Top floor is the grand floor with pool, movie theater, stage, restaurant and bar, forest and fountains, and skyway. Download Schematic http://www.mediafire.com
  9. If you saw it unfinished then you might notice all the changes I made. I added lapis and marble with carpet to added some depth and color to a once all grey building. I also redid the elevator to give it a more simple look. If you like the changes let me know or if you have downloaded it and have it up. Thanks
  10. How to post pics. 1. Go to image shack and signup (free) 2. Have both your post up and imageshack website up 3. In imageshack choose browse and select the screenshot 4. In imageshack choose upload 5. Then copy direct link when complete 6. Go to the top of your post and choose Insert/edit image ( little green Icon on top of post ) 7. Paste the direct link that you copied 8. Hit enter twice to put cursor under pic 9. Rinse and repeat I did the homework for you now lets see those pics:)
  11. Looking for one person for my small private 24/7 server. I need a crazy talented builder to help build a city. This person must be able to use worldedit and can build amazing structures on their own. I have started already and my work can be seen in the map thread. I have teamspeak 3 setup and have my own powerful server.
  12. Well was my first build and I spent a lot of time perfecting it. I had to redo half the building by hand and the whole inside was done block by block. There are 20 Floors and 4 rooms per floor. Each room has a kitchen, dining, living, bedroom, and office. Also each floor has a light switch and there is a switch for the elevator lights and the whole outside lights as well. Plugins: Lift ( elevator ) The Height limit needs to be raised to 300 and the basement is included so drop down 15 blocks or so. LB Photo Real Texture Pack If anything is wrong let me know.
  13. open your run command and type dxdiag and look under display
  14. I will put them in a schematic and offer them that way and can place them in a map after as well. I am trying to finish the tower with carpet/marble and putting up walls in each of the rooms for a kitchen, bedroom, living, dining, and office in each suite. I am also making the basement into a subway station as this is going to be my capital/spawn. Oh yeah and the of course the lobby will have a restaurant, bank, check-in, ect. This has just been a lot of work for just me but I have been spending an hour a day at least.
  15. I am looking for some good help on my server. I am working on my tower and due to its size its a big project and want to finish it faster to put it up for download. If you want to be apart of what I hope to be one of the coolest and biggest skyscraper then pm me. Need to be mature and have attention to detail, worldedit knowledge is a plus. I am using lb photo real texture pack, and I have teamspeak setup.
  16. I would be happy to upload my map with the tower and nuclear plant but its like 2gb. I don't know how to shrink it beyond putting in rar and its still over 2gb.
  17. Hi, I think to get more answers you need to be a little more specific. 1. Are you running sp, smp, your own server, public server? 2. Have you always had a fps or just all of a sudden? 3. Did you just upgrade your video cards? 4. Have you tried to disable sli? 5. Are you having a fps problem in other games? 6. Did you recently install a new driver? I will be happy to help if I had more info.
  18. id·i·ot·ic adj. 1. Showing foolishness or stupidity. 2. Exhibiting idiocy. 3. Knowledge of a question but not when implemented into a forum.
  19. I am still looking for a couple of awesome builders who want to help me build a city, streets, houses, ect. I need amazing builders who can use world edit and can build skyscrapers to mansions. I am working on a nuclear plant and bridge from the island to the mainland where I want the city and have a massive skyscraper already built. Right now its just me and its a big world. I would like to see some of your work and prefer a mature adult. My server is up 24/7 @ 50meg and I just upgraded it to a i7 2600k, 24gb ram, 120ssd, and 2tb backup. Backups are performed every 15min and I even ha
  20. XMX 20 XMS 2 and with no one logged on my server is just over 4gb usage. I have no errors or lag issues and it has only spiked to 9gb when importing schematics of the large nature. I was trying to optimize my server.
  21. Well I do build and move massive structures and have seen my server up to 9gb of ram usage. I just didn't know if the server would lag out if I was under that or how the cache works.
  22. Hey everyone, System specs: i7 2600k @ 4.2Ghz 24gb 1600Mhz 120 ssd 2tb backup My question is, do I allocate 20 / 2 leaving 2gb for o.s. or do I go small due to less players? I haven't had any ram issues but don't want to bog down the server with a wrong config and couldn't find what servers with a lot of ram allocate. Thanks
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