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  1. Name: Peter Username: duhfoxaaay Skype: duhfoxaaay5643 Age: 14 Reasons: Vanilla has kinda outgrown itself at the moment, and so I have kinda drifted away but I want inspiration to play again and so learning new things in the pack will help. I also like the different machines and systems you can make in the game. With this modpack I have little experience, and so are looking for a server to learn on. I have been playing since the old tekkit however and I also have experience with quite a lot of mods, and so will know probably quite a lot about the pack without realising it. I feel like I'm a good team player so the smaller server will help teamwork and would like to help anyone if I could.
  2. IGN: Duhfoxaaay Age: 13 Why Hellix: My first hexxit server, if approved, and I like the small player slots. What are you going/like to do: I really dont know, I've never played hexxit before but i know some small stuff to get me started by watching Captainsparkles and Bodil40. Banned?: Never. Something about yourself: I am very, very mature for my age, I am currently 5" 10' and I love Minecraft. :D
  3. 1. Minecraft Username: Duhfoxaaay 2. What is your experience with Tekkit? I've been playing tekkit for over a year maybe 2. I know most crafting recipes but are willing to learn items i have never used before. 3. Have you ever been banned from a server? If so, please explain. I technically was but it was a giant misunderstanding where i broke blocks in my own faction and as soon as i was gonna explain i was banned but i was unbanned a month later. 4. What do you plan on doing in Techluminal Tekkit? To be honest....I dunno. Endless possibilities with tekkit so i can pick if I get accepted.
  4. Im sorry to intrude on this server's forum post but I was wondering if you can help me. I can't access the server. I'm on technic classic 3.1.2 and when i try joining it says 'Connection refused: Connect'. I was wondering if it was a problem with the server or the technic launcher itself....