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  1. Which was part of why I liked EE2. I could get down to the business of building large systems, instead of grinding to get materials.

    If you consider using a turtle, or a quarry to get materials as "grinding", I would hate to see what you think of having to actually work for anything, videogame or otherwise.

  2. i have made a custom modpack and have tried DOZENS of tutorials but my modpack acts like forge is not install when i know it is, can someone please help me? the link to my modpack on dropbox: i hope someone will find a solution cause im at a complete lost

    That's a private dropbox link. Other people (including Platform) can't see it. Make a folder in your dropbox root called "Public" (if you don't already have one), and put your modpack in there, and get the link again.

  3. Interesting, yes. More annoying than challenging, though, given Minecraft spawning and combat mechanics. It's nice to have to go through a process that makes things seem cooler to get, but I don't want it to feel like GregTech.

    Ars Magica has a thing similar that eats mobs to produce energy for itself.

    Now, what I could do is make the shard recipe expensive but let you trap a mob in a structure to make one more cheaply. But I don't want tapping mobs to be the way to charge one up.

    Multi block AI structure, flies around on it's own sucking up any mobs it encounters in a large area. Returns to start location once quota is filled, and delivers spawner block.


    Today I learned that Azanor thinks the Technic Pack is a for-profit venture.

    I'm. Fucking. Done. With. All. Of. Them.

    (I had to give my period key a little exercise, there, you know: Keep it limber for Java programming.)

    There there, I went and had a little yell at him. I just hope he can read it before I get banned.

  5. You need to call Apple about duck removal. Technic has a long standing issue, in that our launchers have all seemed to attract ducks into your computer.

    A competent service rep should be able to walk you through removing the ducks, but unless you're a computer expert, i don't suggest trying it without proper guidance.

    Don't be such a scaredy cat, it's perfectly easy to remove the ducks on your own.

    OP, just open your computer (make sure you unplug it first!), and with pair of scissors (with a plastic grip), just cut any black or yellow wires you see. The ducks are mostly attracted to those, so when they're not functioning, they'll usually leave on their own.

  6. Well that did work, also i thought you meant the link that you put in the technic launcher. I checked the dropbox one and its fine.

    So my new questions is. Why is this happening and what can i do to fix it

    Make sure you have your zip setup correctly. All of the folders should be directly in the zip, not in a sub folder inside the zip.

    Eg. etc., and not

  7. I guess you haven't been around very long. There's a bit of a history with Forestry, the first and foremost reason (in my mind) being that the author is willing to include malware in his mod, affecting the end users experience, to get at people he doesn't like.