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  1. IGN: nhgagneja AGE: 15 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: Not that I am aware of. I think kicked once- me and the owner of a server were playing a game where we shot each other with the poison darts, and I killed the owner. An admin thought I was griefing or something and kicked me. I don't think the server was set up with MCBans though, so it probably won't show up. WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT?: I think it adds a new dimension to the game, and adds a whole new way to play. I've always found it funny that in Minecraft, no matter how far in the game you are, you still cook things in a furnace that takes ages to it's job. I think Tekkit adds a bunch of new ways to play, though I avoid EE until I do more Tekkit things first, so I don't just ruin the game for myself. WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY?: A fun spirit, and a helper to players who just don't quite understand input-output in IC2 cabling or just can't get that last diamond for their condenser. I am pretty good with contraptions, though my favorite thing right now is mixing Computers and RP Frames and Motors to make interesting things, like elevators (my current project, which I know how to do, I just need to do it!) Ignore this please. I have posted an app on the website. Sorry!
  2. In Game Name: nhgagneja Age: 16 How Long I Have Played With Tekkit: Several months now, I have done everything there is to do, other than ComputerCraft, which I want to learn. I have been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.6. Have I Ever Been Banned: No Why I Would Like To Work On This Project: I have always wanted to help shape a server because I don't have the hardware to run my own. Previous Building Experience: I am pretty good at building. I understand which types of blocks work together. But my strengths lay in redstone. I can rig up some redstone contraptions for you, and once I catch on to computer craft, I can rig things up with that too.
  3. I think I'm cursed! Everytime I get around to playing the server is down, but it's always up when I can't play! Lol
  4. GroupManager is by far the best, in my opinion. It also works great with towny since both are created by the same guy.
  5. Showcase will work. These plugins tend to be coded to buy and sell with the item ID, not just vanilla items. Basically: [selling] You put Item x in -> Someone comes to buy item, they take x out <- OR [buying] You set what x is ~ Someone comes and puts more x in (so from 0x to 64x lets say)-> You come and take x out <-
  6. @Will360: I agree, except instead of factions, towny. Towny is perfect because it has the ability to be anti-pvp and still make sense, and its also a more versatile plugin (and works easily with group manager).
  7. Minecraft name: nhgagneja Age: 16 Experience: I have been playing Minecraft since beta 1.6, before the release of pistons. I have completely conquered the vanilla game, and when I stumbled upon Tekkit a few months ago, I was very excited. I have by now completely done all of Tekkit, except for two areas- Equivalent Exchange and Computer Craft. Why you want to join: There are a lot of reasons why I want to join; to many to put! a) I want to play on a small Tekkit server with all aspects of the game enabled- something professionally run, but not massive and large to the point of laggy. I do, and I will admit openly, hope to be staff on this server at some point. It is something, I am good at (I have experience) and I like helping servers since I don't have the hardware to run my own. It is important to note, I am not "power-hungry", per se. i just like helping people, which I will do, even without being staff. c) It looks like your server has an extensive list of plugins that add even more aspects to the game. d) a small community where I "know" lots of people and can have fun conversations is just what I'm looking for! I hope you will add me to your lovely server. Thanks in advance. -nh
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