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  1. Yes. i did the same thing as you and ran into the same problem. I'm useing Windows 7 btw not a mac
  2. YES updated Tekkit is here. this is asesome! wait.....no, update failed Messeg....NOOOOO! Tekkit launcher fail me agin. *sigh* i gess ill have to go back to the FTB pack until fixed.
  3. lol. that easy hu? and to think i alwase was making house full of times and to have them away from my house.
  4. no. its a bug. you need to put 2 pumps next to the miner. that will fix it. its a very old bug i thot was fixed but ya.
  5. ya. wen your looking at your player inventory look on the bottem left of the screen and click the options. then the cheat mode can be picked from there. you then chang cheat mode to recipe mode. hope this helps
  6. most kids likes a easy and risk free game. takeing EE2 out and puting in EE3 takes the easy out of the game and puts in fun. the only people that are going to flip out are the crying kids who like there free and easy stuff. I'm all for EE3 thanks Pahimar!
  7. Hello. Let me get rightto the point. I have a small 5 player server and im making a call out for other Tekkit players to join in. its a fresh new world in a whitelisted privet server in the US. the server runs 24/7 with no lag at all. if you would like to join it pleas send me a MSM with you Gamer name, age, how much you know adout Tekkit and if there was one thing you would take off Tekkit what would it be? Thanks
  8. I was runing into the same problem with tekkit. (Low FPS) I did what you said and i was abble to pick to run Tekkit with NVIDIA. it went from 15-20 FPS on tiny render. now i play on the highest render and have over 60 FPS. i cant bealeve i bin playing Tekkit for a year with 15FPS lol. Thank you very much and thanks you moders. :)
  9. Im sorry. And to all the others. All the spots are filled on my little server. If a nother spot opens up ill repost. In reply to Omri, i understand EE and all its rings and othin item. Its just i dont like useing it.
  10. Hello. i have a Server up with just 3 players on it. we are not a fan of EE as well but don't mind using it every now and then. we are all somewhat beginers and just like having a good time building together. there is 0 griefing with use. if youll like to join pleas add me on Skype and ill give you the IP. I'll send you a Privet MSM with my Skype name. there are some real creepers out there. Creepers gona creep SP: we are planing to restart the world and start new wen we get the sever up.
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