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  1. Alright well hopefully the server will be up and running when you come back...
  2. I hope i can get whitelisted on some of these servers. I want to play on them since enopiacraft is currently down...

  3. Age:15 MC name: Ethen_110 I agree that i will follow the rules and if i do not i understand i will be instantly banned. i understand that if i insult the server in any way i will be warned and then banned. IF i give out the Ip i will be banned. I understand that if i do anything to lag switch or hack the server i can be sent to federal prison and this is completely illegal.
  4. IGN: Ethen_110 Age: 20 Experience: I have played with Tekkit for a while and know a lot about IC2, Buildcraft, and EE.
  5. IGN: Ethen_110 Skype: Ethen_110 Hamachi: Ethen_110 Also it says that the network doesnt exist...
  6. If they did change the IP, then why isnt it changed here? I'm copy and pasting the IP into the thing so i couldn't of made a mistake.
  7. 1. The name of your MC account Ethen_110 2. How old are you? 14 3. Where do you live? US 4. What can you bring to the server? Experiance with Buildcraft, IC2, and EE 5. Tell us briefly about yourself I'm a 14 year old who listens to music and plays lots of video games 6. Do you accept the rules? Yes I do 7. Why do you want to apply? I like playing on servers better than alone in singleplayer. 8. Extra details or questions? None.
  8. name: Ethen_110 age: 14 why you want to join: I want to play with a people because Singleplayer gets boring.
  9. Is the server down for anyone else? Its been like this since Wednesday for me..
  10. 1. 15 2. Enjoy Tekkit Classic and have fun 3. Like 90% of people i hate getting griefed and raided when all im trying to do is build or do somethign or other. 4. Ethen_110
  11. IGN: Ethen_110 AGE: 14 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: none WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? I like tekkit because i know alot about most the mods in tekkit. WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? kindness
  12. Hey Diabloz just letting you know someone or people have been breaking the rules and stealing machines that were placed.
  13. Diabloz they actually changed the name its BigRandomBoxCity I havent been on for a while and i just noticed my mistake.
  14. Hey Diabloz I was wondering if i could take over a town called zephroys or something around that its above the mushroom island and the people who own it are currently (from what i have heard) playing on other servers and not coming back.
  15. Hey why does it say there are 46 out of 45 people on the server? Also could you maybe add reserved slots for just in case when the server gets full?
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