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  1. Name - Angel IGN - trybibi Age - 24 Minecraft experience - been playing since Beta 1.1 Tekkit experience - I have been playing the Technic pack since before the Launcher was created so i have been playing tekkit since it was properly released in the launcher Time playing MC per day - Usually 3-4h, more so on weekends Why do you want to join the server - I enjoy tekkit a lot but i have found single-player rather boring. I am looking for a fun community for me to really enjoy tekkit with.
  2. User Name: trybibi Why Join: I'm looking for some co-op plays with any1 Your biome preference: Grassland close to Forest Your terrian preference: Mixed Access to water: River/Lake
  3. im looking for some1 to play tekkit on my server or hes this is how you can find me [email protected] lets have some fun guys btw im 24 :)