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  1. In Game Name:PuppyShots Age:14 Would i find your name on a banlist on MCbans? If so why did you get banned? I only have been banned on my friend server. He banned me cause i raged, Everyone spawnkilled me. Why do you like to play Tekkit lite? Hmm... Its more stuff to do. In Vanilla Minecraft i have everything in like 1 month. Why this server? Because i like small server whit nice people on it. Sorry if i spelled something wrong. Im Swedish :D
  2. Your exact user-name as it appears in game: PuppyShots A short description of why you wish to join: I want to join couse all the other servers are huge with 200 hundred slots and alot of greifers. And bad players. Your biome preference: I don't care. But maybe grassland near forest. Your terrian preference: Mixed. Access to water: River couse it's looking nice
  3. In game name: PuppyShots Age: 15 Location: Sweden Minecraft experience to date: I have been playing Minecraft since Alpha and Tekkit about 1 Year? Why do you want to play on our server?: I want to play on a small server on about 10-25 slots and no greifers. Also nice players (Sorry if i write something wrong i'm not the best guy on english XD I am also good at tekkit and i wanna build things with the players on the server.
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