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  1. Hmm.... Latency issues you say? Well, as long as I don't get messed with I'll be happy. XD This is the first Legit-survival Tekkit server I''ll be on! (Is the Whitelist immediate or do I have to wait?) :P
  2. Age: 19 Minecraft Username: shaddow112 Location (Country): U.S.A. How long have you played Tekkit: since 1.1..... however, I"m still fairly new at the items. Read our Rules?: these?> 1. Don't Grief. Don't even try to Grief. I, or someone I know and trust catches you, you more than likely won't be warned. I'll look at the logs and if I think you were trying to cause serious damage, I'll ban you. 2. Be respectful of the works of others, save for in designated PVP zones, then smash them to bits and get them on the run. 3. No begging. If people want to help you and you ask them politely, that's fine, but if they tell you know, leave them be. 4. No exploits. I catch them in the logs, things like x-ray, or attempts to use item exploits, I'll make things really fun for you. 5. Have fun! I really need a server to play on..... Besides the white-list application, I was wondering if your server plays legit, semi-legit, or creative. I'm warning you all now though, don't be surprised if you find out that I've been banned from other servers before. Almost everyone has. I myself, am no exception.
  3. In game name: shaddow112 Age: 19 Do you have Teamspeak 3: Eh... Nope If yes, Will you be active(Not really needed):------------ How long have you been playing Minecraft/Tekkit: Minecraft since the original 1.5 and Tekkit since it came out on 1.1 Do you know anyone that already plays on here: Not yet If yes, Who:------------- Timezone: T^T i dont know
  4. Hello! This server seems to be pretty good and matches the kind of server I've been looking for since day one of starting Tekkit. I like your list of banned items. However, having the swiftwolf rendering gate would be nice. (Flying ring) I was wondering if there were any white-list spots left. I've been trying to find a server like this, and plan to use my RPG original character for this server. He is pretty cool, but I would only be able to show you if I am aloud to be white-list. Please tell me if there are any spots left open. Thanks.
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