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  1. Yeah this is happening to me accept it hasn't actually let me in, just says bad login.
  2. if whitelist is still on can you please add me? cheers
  3. In game name: BOMBMAN95 Age: 17 Country: Australia Why should we hire you: Well, i like to help people out, i'm nice and friendly, also good with buildcraft and redpower, have been mod on servers before and found it fun helping people out (: Previous Experience: Have been mod on some servers.
  4. [APP] Age: 17 Username: BOMBMAN95 Played on our server before? No i havent but seems like a nice server! Have you been banned on our server? Nopee! why you should choose me: well i'm friendly, like to help everyone out, good with buildcraft and redpower. what position do i want to be in? Mod of course!
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