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  1. I'm getting the same problem, I think the best thing to do is to wait a few hours, give them some time to figure out whats wrong and hopefully fix it
  2. Try mob essence from MFR, it turns lava into obsidian and flows like water, I am unsure whether it will evaporate or not though.
  3. I would love to play on this server! Can I please get a whitelist? Thanks!
  4. I tried to join and it said I wasn't whitelisted and btw thanks
  5. Why I want to join: Looks like a nice server, I like that fact that it's relatively small and it means that I can trust that I will not be griefed and will have an awesome time playing Age: 16 In-game name: XTR123 What you're good at: Building, and mods of course Other: Nothing else to report!
  6. Minecraft Username: XTR123 Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: No I haven't. What do you plan to do on the server: Play Tekkit (from what I can see, with a good community). Help out any new players, do some railcraft and other tekkit stuff. Do you have any previous experience with tekkit? If so, what?: Yeah, extensive. I play on a few other servers, one other white listed one, which I am moderator of.
  7. With such limited information the only help we can offer is to back up your saves and re-install Tekkit. Otherwise, as stated above, fill out a bug report.
  8. Unfortunately an upgrade to your computer is the best, if not only way to fix this. If your freezing and crashing every 15 seconds I recommend finding a server to play on, as that way you will not lose everything in the event of a crash. Also unfortunately for you the people that bring us Tekkit/Technic won't change the mod to please one man, because so many people already enjoy it on their perfectly fine computers.
  9. We'll have to be patient guys, There is more details about the permissions error on the website. The address is listed in the first post of this thread.
  10. Placing a bat box every few lengths of cable is a good way to minimize power loss, and also stores any excess power that builds up for later use, but if your going long distance without wanting to use bat box's then glass fiber cables are the way to go.
  11. I think you want your windmills to be alone in a space of a 9 block radius, save for cables. I think that is correct, otherwise they won't work as intended. You can check the wiki to see specifications for this. Another problems might be that the cables are too long? Have you tried it with glass fiber if you can afford it? It might solve the problem.
  12. It will not let me join the server? I also made an account to the link you gave me and the email it is supposed to send me won't work
  13. Am I able to join now, If so I can set up a spawn, I will probably be able to play for another 4-5 hours
  14. I can be admin or mod, and I am a pretty good architect, happy to build spawn. Can we have some details about the server? i.e PvP enabled or disabled? What plugins will be used? Other than that you can PM me if you need more details, I will mainly be playing at GMT +10 afternoon time.
  15. I Have been thinking about a small tekkit PvP server, with 2-3 teams and a few people per team, where we can just run off and do our own thing for the first 24 or so hours, then PvP starts and we can fight to the death. It would be interesting to play on! I cannot host the server, I can talk over xbox live if anyone has it? PM me if your interested in this Idea. Timezone GMT +10/Australia Sydney Thanks