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  1. IN GAME NAME:Aayom AGE:19 TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF:Welp, I am going to college and I am turning 20 this year... TIMEZONE:US Central EVER BANNED? IF SO WHY:Nope TEKKIT EXPERIENCE:I have played for about 2 years now, since it is 2013
  2. Tobi

    Our server is up?

  3. Tobi, how come I am not whitelisted anymore?
  4. IGN: Aayom Age: 19 Skype: I don't have one. How long will you spend on a day: As much as I can, but I do have college to attend to. Reason for wanting to join: I want to rebuild my factory, and no spoilers of what kind it is , also I am just looking for a nice server to stay on. Favorite build: It would have to be my factory. A little about yourself: Well I am 19 years old and I go to college in Maine.
  5. 1. What experience do you have with being in control? I have been mod before and I know how to handle the awesome powers. 2. Have you been banned before? If so why? I haven't 3. Why should you be a mod/admin? Well I'm not really sure why I guess I would help peopl start off and stuff and I would still play legit. 4. How long have you been on this server? For about 2-3 Weeks Long Answers: 5. What would you do if a player (Lets name him Tom) accused another player of griefing (Sam),you went to Tom's house and sure it was griefed. But no one but Tom seen it and Sam declined of having done it? I would ask if they did it or not and I would kick them but if they do it again I will probbably bann them 6. What would you do if you cought a (old [meaning been there a long time]) player griefing? what about if it was a newer player? Their not really any different so I would treat them the same. Multiple choice: ( Note: Just say you chose "a" just delete b,c and d and leave "a" for you answer) 7. A player repeatedly kills people when they are collecting resources what do you do? Kick them then tell them to stop 8. Which one is corret? (This testes your knowledge of me) Potato, 7, Pineapple, butter
  6. Name/Nickname:Tyler IGN:Aayom Age:19 Time Zone:Us Central Will you use Ventrilo? (to talk / interact with the community) I will talk and try to help people as much as I can Will you be a dedicated player on our server? I will and I will help people who just joined. Why should we add you/a little bit about yourself: Well I would like to play a round with fun people and rebuild my factory (No Spoilers), I am in college so I will not be on the server all day. If you add me, thanks alot!
  7. Minecraft Username: Aayom Age: 19 Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: I have not. What do you plan to do on the server: I would like to rebuild my factory (no spoilys ) What is your previous experience with tekkit: I have played 8 months- 1.5 years
  8. And "Hunger games,I would like to help build it"
  9. 1. Why do you want to play on this server? I would like to rebuild my nuke factory (if they are allowed ) and I'm looking for a nice server. 2. What is your username? Aayom 3. Why should we accept you? Well I don't know why you should I would like to join it because I want to rebuild my factory and yeah.. 4. How long have you been playing tekkit? (It's ok if your only a beginner) Hmm for about 1-2 years and I have watched Direwolf20's video's too 5. How old are you? I am 19 6. Have you been banned more then 3 times? if so why? None 7.What is your feeling on griefing (Be honest) I have not and I put my life on teh bible XD And I dont like greifing because it ruins people's hard work. 9. Potatoes or pineapples? TOPATORS
  10. In game name: Aayom Age: 19 Why? Why would i like to join? I have been looking for a good Tekkit server to play on which has a friendly community and active admins and I hope to rebuild my facotry. How long will you be able to play? A day, 1 - 7 hours more when I am not in college. Have you ever been banned: I have not :D
  11. Looking for a server....

  12. Your In Game Name: Aayom Your Age: 19 For experienced players, the structure you are most proud of building: Well I did build an automatic factory that produced nukes and I was pretty proud or at least before I blew up my factory For new players, what are you hoping to achieve on Verve: I would like to play with friendly people and I would like to rebuild my nuke factory For everyone, why do you think Verve is the server for you: It's whitelisted and private and hopefully friendly. Additional Comments: As you said... I LOVE CAKE
  13. Hey jear when i try to join I keep getting kicked :(

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