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  1. Age: 16 IGN (In Game Name): dialgadude20 Why Do you want to Play on this Server?: I really want a tekkit server to play on, and I would like to help and build with others. What Do you want to Build?: I want to build an epic space station. Pretty generic, but it will be pretty cool
  2. I am looking for a server of 4-8 people, preferably in my timezone (Hawaiian - Aleuor close. I would like: -Preferably team wars (i.e.: teams prepare for combat until time x, then to war) -Red matter explosives banned That's pretty much it.
  3. – Age: 13, but I will put it out there to never judge a book by its cover. – Explain your meaning of fun griefing: Why lure a creeper by one's base like a sissy? I say if you can nuke it, NUKE IT! – Why do you wanna join? I really want a small, fun and competitive server where I can launch missiles freely. I live in Hawaii, USA, and my IGN is dialgadude20 Thanks!
  4. BUGS FOUND: /home doesn't work, im pretty sure says Error: Invalid World and the /back command says Error: null
  5. Six HELP! Trackers don't work. I tried tracking some (who I will not mention) and when I go to my base it's not tracking them anymore.
  6. Six HELP! The server is lagging so much that the rain never stops, we don't get drops, nothing gets smelted, and whenever its about to turn night it goes back to day. Server restart please?
  7. lol, i bet i traveled over 1000 blox and now the map restarts... its all good tho :D
  8. did the server crash again? when i try to log on it says cant reach server. I even restarted my computer.
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