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Question about the new 1.6.4 version


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What type of power is the main type now? By that I mean the type used for pulverizing and stuff. The wiki has a guide for us players used to IC2 and Redpower, but it says that the guide is outdated now. Does IC2 work now?


The guide says to use Steam engines and Sterling engines, which leads me to beleive we're using Thermal Expansion power. But then I've read that Buildcraft is the new type of power, which means I should go for Redstone engines and the like. I find it very very confusing trying to figure out which engines to build.

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The new Powersystem mainly features TE's RF system (with the exception of galacticraft whose machines are producing other kinds of power)

but even galacticraft machines can receive Power through TE's conduits ;)


So use dynamos to generate RF as early game power production and later you can switch to bigreactors and in endgame you can actively cool these reactors and produce really a lot of power ;)

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To complement this: There is no EU generation any more, and the few machines that theoretically support it can also run on either MJ or RF, or both.

MJ (Minecraft Joules), the old Buildcraft power system, is still working. But its producers are not very useful because you cannot properly store MJ, and there is no way inside the current pack to convert it to the RF (Redstone Flux) system. The other way around works very fine, i.e. supplying MJ-only machines from an RF network. Notable MJ-only stuff would be mostly anything from Buildcraft and Galacticraft.

So when in doubt, set up RF generation, hook up anything via Conduits and you can pretty much ignore what these machines require, as the Conduits will sort it out. For reference: 1 MJ equals 10 RF.

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