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[FIXED] Help! The Three Second Server Error:

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[WARNING] Error loading Railcraft Save Data: Not in GZIP format.

Above you can see the error I get just about every three seconds on the server. Aside from driving me balls insane, here's the story behind it:

Hokay. So, I'm building all nonchalantly on my own server, getting ahead of the crowd a little bit and putting the finishing touches on my fortress. As I'm walking away from my fortress, I blue-screen. Being "the server" as well as "the player," I know I'm going to get a problem of some sort. I have no idea what the blue-screen was for - it's most likely some service exception from outdated drivers.

Computer reboots, I do a quick error check, and restart the server. The warning, shown in bold above, is now repeating itself again... and again... and again... in intervals of three seconds on the dot. Everything else loads PERFECTLY, without a hitch - except this one Railcraft save data. I would fix it myself, but I have no idea where the file is!

If anyone has any help regarding where I can find the Railcraft save data and possibly fix this sucker, that would be much appreciated.


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VideoBoy, silly silly you.

No, my whole computer did not crash because of Tekkit. My computer has conflicting drivers that will clash here and again. This is merely due to outdated ones, and the fact I have "mismatched" RAM cards. The problem is hardware, not software. This computer, the beast that it is, can handle any game on the market for another 2 years with ease. The computer hosts the server as well, being packed with RAM and processor power. Go me!

The server was having the error, not being able to load a GZIP format. Yes, deleting one file was the magic fix for the server. The computer just needs some new drivers, and the blue-screens, those rare beasts of Windows, will stop.

Thanks for the concern though.

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