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Pregenerating a Tekkit-compatible world with vanilla SMP


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OK, so I have a burning desire to have a world generated with some non-Tekkit mods installed:

Specifically, Formivore's Walled City mod, and BigTrees mod.

The caveat is that I'd like to generate it as a Tekkit compatible world, which means keeping the blockids/etc. the same as Tekkit.

So, to do this, I need to be sure what Tekkit mods generate ores/resources during world generation, and those blocks are generated with appropriate IDs.

Buildcraft/Redpower/IC2 obviously. Nether ores I don't care about, will re-generate Nether after the fact, no big loss.

Also, can I simply copy over the appropriate config files from Tekkit's mods to the new Vanilla modded server to retain the block IDs?

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Apparantly I was very unclear.

I am planning on using Tekkit. I just want a Tekkit-compatible world, with all the Tekkit ores/resources, but also include some terrain features normally unavailable from Tekkit like the BigTrees mod, FOrmivore's walled cities.

In any event I've successfully built the world with a modded vanilla SMP install and everything made it into Tekkit intact, so this question is answered!

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