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Is there a Tekkit compatible plugin to hide names in-game?

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Hello, me and some friends are creating a SCP-roleplaying server that would greatly benefit from a working hide names plugin. The problem is that since Tekkit doesn't work with SpoutPlugin, it doesn't support


which requires SpoutPlugin in order to function. I've also tried using


but that doesn't work too well either because it renders people unable to use computers from computercraft, which is a major component to the SCP-Site we're building. This is probably because using a computer while sneaking isn't supposed to work, and autosneak is basically sneaking all the time but with the the same speed as if you were not sneaking at all, hence the name is hidden as long as you're behind a block.

And that's why I came here hoping for some suggestions as to how I'm going to implement hidden names on the server.

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You could try Comecloser. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/754668-125forgeguardsman-mod-comecloser-mod/

This mod does hide names and much more. Please note that this mod also have to be installed in the client... The good news is that there's a bukkit port of it too.

Thanks a lot, you're awesome. Although I would prefer a something that only needs to be installed on the server, I'm sure this will work just fine.

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No problem. As far I understand, the Bukkit plugins aren't that good in hiding names. This mod will do fine, because it works also client-side. You can still display names and even set a distance for when it becomes visible, while not visible at all time like usable. Or just turn the names completly off, your choice, just take a look at the settings before you use it. ;)

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